AKA Mr Grumpy
David Thayer
"New" name for the old cotton mill
The Stacks
The infamous brothers on Gaskill are Ronnie and ____________________
The leader of the Cabbagetown Sirens walking group
Go to_________for a stellar burger
Luis pours a fine beverage at this watering hole
97 Estoria
Everyone's favorite neighborhood fall festival
Chomp and Stomp
Southwestern dining spot that anchors the neighborhood
Some people believe this street should be ONE WAY
Carroll Street
Number of tiny churches in Cabbagetown
The spot for $5 tapas Monday nights
Carroll Street Cafe
The eastside gateway to the neighborhood
Krog Tunnel
THE spot for unpredictable fireworks
Esther Peachy Lefevre Park
One of the streets where cats roam a plenty
The bend in Estoria is called
The dog leg
Old time grocery on Kirkwood
The tiniest park in n'hood
3 Forks Park
The UDC designates Ctown as a ______________district.
Cabbagetown racers
Little Darling dining spot
Petit Chou
Ctown Park Sculpture
The herd
Street that changes names
Legendary Ctown Musician
Benjamin Smoke
First Saturday in June
Reunion Day
Grab a cruffle at ...
Sweet Cheats
A favorite past time among neighbors
Porch drinking
The best party of the year
Christmas Crawl
Steven and Sean's Tonsorial
Mary Todd
Zen zone tucked behind 97
Mystic Lotus
Our councilwoman
Natalyn Archibong
Meetings & preschool happen here
Community Center
New CNIA president
Katie Butler
Handyman we hate to love
Neighbor purveyor of Comfy Chicken
Kevin Clark
The new history center house is located on
Dynamo couple heading up the Chomp again this year
Family owned pub
Milltown Arms