• Pick up 10 stones
  • Complement a parent
  • Help a coworker clean
  • Read 3 NEW books
  • Do a NEW activity
  • Read & Share on FB
  • Do 3 “all about me” w/s
  • 3 new facts about a co worker
  • “Share” NBLC job FB
  • Display art on the wall
  • No requests off this month
  • Praised a child
  • Organized a messy area
  • Replaced towels, TP or Soap
  • "Liked" a Y FB post
  • Know all parents names
  • Laundry from dirty to folded
  • Took 10 pics of class
  • Helped a PS fall asleep
  • Vac rug in entrance way
  • Suggestions to TO DO list
  • Completed 2 To Do list items
  • Straightened up Cubbies
  • A child hugs you

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