Where we first meant.
Place where we stayed on our first vacation together.
Meadowbrook Motel
Favorite song to twerk to.
When we started dating (month and day)
June twenty ninth
My birthday.
July Fourth
My favorite color.
Number one rule for the rest of our lives.
Always Kiss Me Goodnight
Place that we are going to travel too together.
What you have to use to undress me.
First restaurant we went too together.
Dog Tooth
My Favorite type of pizza.
white with broccoli
The name of one of our dogs will be...
Something special that I want you to make me do for the first time;)
The cutest thing you have on you at all times.
My favorite holiday.
The most important thing to me that I need in my life.
Your dessert every single day.
Milk and sugar
Something dirty that I'm dying to try.
Only reason I'll stay hydrated is so you will lick my pussy when I go ___ ;)
Favorite way to sleep.
Which side of the bed do I take up?
Game you'll spank my ass in (literally) but I will still win.
Long, hard, and all mine ;)
When I think about us, this phrase is what comes to mind.
Forever and Always
The first thing you will see when you wake up and see me sitting on your face.
The TV show that you said reminded you of us.
My favorite car
ferrari 599
the most important thing in my life
The strongest most genuine thing I've ever seen.
Our love
What you love to stare at when I talk.
First thing I'm going to do when I see you.
Kiss you
I want you to put your ______ in my butt.
I love it when you sing songs by this person.
Frank Sinatra
The first song we will dance together to as husband and wife.
how do i live without you
I love it when you call me this.
you are my little....
Place we were when we took my favorite picture of us.
The first time I told you that I loved you was at _____.
Kellys house
I love it most when you...
Just one of the many things I'm obsessed with about you are your _____.
I can't wait to call you my...
Room we had our first kiss in.
Name of the street our first apartments on.
East Market
You're gonna dress up as this when you examine me with your dick.
My favorite dessert that you brought me while I was working because you're the best boyfriend in the world!
Dirt Pudding

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