Non-conviction: the charges against the defendant are dropped
Conviction: the defendant has been found guilty of the charges
Non-conviction: the court does not give a final judgment. The defendant is given probation in which they have a specified amount of time to complete.
Adjudication Withheld
The defendant was found guilty in juvenile court.
Adjudicated Delinquent
Non-conviction: the charges against the defendant are dropped.
Bail/Bond Forfeiture
A writ ordering the arrest of a person.
Sentence taking place or existing at the same time as another.
Not enough evidence to take to grand jury.
The court dropped the case and did not continue with the charges
No Action Taken
A jury or judge trial finding that the defendant is innocent.
Not Guilty
This case has not been to trial at this time. Defendant will receive next court date when to appear in court.