What is the significance of the 4th weekend in July?
Union Meeting
Which of Alvin Sr.'s brothers served in the military?
Pink Jr
What was Alvin Sr's mother's name?
Sarah Pearl
What was Alvin Sr's father's name?
Pink Sr
Where did Grandma Louise grow up?
What was the name of a church that Alvin Sr pastored?
Saint Paul
what two occupations did Alvin Sr have?
Preacher and Farmer
Which child received a scholarship to East Carolina University?
Which child is the musican and car enthusiast?
Which child received Grandma Louise's baking/cooking skills?
Which child is nearing retirement from Cemex?
Which child is a Red Hatter?
Which child was known as Cooper?
Which child was beloved by many children at Children's Friends Daycare?
Which child had only one child?
Willie Mae
Who lived in Delaware and taught us the love of fried chicken?
Which child is Grandma Louise's twin?
Which child followed in his father's footsteps as a minister?
Which child went through and worked for Job Corp?
Which child drove charter buses all over the US and Canada?
Which child is a Miller Highlight man?
Which child drove the most patriotic vehicle?
Alvin Jr
Which child could be found at the Disco Village on Saturday Night?
Eddie Joe
Which child drove a Brady Bunch station wagon?

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