Beginning 7/9/17 non mercahnt account users willl be able to access what system from Business Track?
The Clover Re-provision Request applies to all devices EXCEPT ?
Finance approval is no longer needed for Non returned equipment less than $500 when there is _____
The are 3 retention empowerments that can be offered, but only one requires manager approval, which one?
Based on Clover 411, what new feature was requested and will be added shortly?
The Vertical Solutions Map has been updated, where can you find it?
The High Risk Credit team reviews accounts processing $1M or with High risk ____
If the BC has a deal that qualifies as High Risk, and the business is seasonal, 6 mths of _______statements will be required
If a new contract is submitted on an account closed for ____ than 180 days, it will be rejected
Clover Insights is one of the 7 value added solutions being offered by BC's. Additional points will be awared for solution sold to____owned business

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