What is Greg's nickname?
What is Madi in the wedding?
What city did Papa live in when he was in high school?
What college did Taylor graduate from?
Colorado State University Pueblo
What is Rhonda's favorite dinner to make?
What is Kelli Jo's worst subject?
What state did daddy learn to fly helicopters in?
What color is sissy's wedding dress?
What is Scotty's favorite instrument?
What is the name of Nana's hair salon?
Beauty Haven
What grade did Bubba start wrestling?
What is Molly's favorite sport?
What happened to Mom at Bubba's wedding?
fell into candle sticks
What college did Kelli Jo graduate from?
Grand Canyon University
How many pairs of tennis shoes does Greg own?
What is Rhonda's favorite game to play on her phone?
What is Madison's favorite movie
Beauty and the Beast
What is a weird word Madi likes to say?

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