Make your own Bingo Cards

Create your own Bingo Cards, and print unique copies for an entire class. All in 5 minutes.

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Your bingo cards will be in your hands in five minutes.

  • JCC
  • Add on 2 items
  • July Birthday
  • Same Name as You
  • Add on Dolphin Shorts
  • Add a basic
  • Add on at the fitting room
  • October Birthday
  • Decemeber Brithday
  • Name starts with a Z
  • Name starts with a J
  • Name starts with an A
  • Add on a BTS item
  • Get a new Email
  • Get a new Phone number
  • Build a $100 sale
  • Role Play a Key Card
  • Ask Open Ended Question
  • Add on a bath bomb
  • Tell Me Live Justice values
  • June Birthday
  • Name starts with an S
  • Birthday is today
  • Add a friend
  • Talk about benefits
  • Get a Fashion Show sign up
  • JCC
  • Build a $50 sale
  • Sell a Backpack
  • Share a "wow" moment
  • Tell me what ADS means
  • Up you POS capture
  • Make a return a sale
  • Add on a shirt