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Mongol CrossWord

Mongol CrossWord

'universal ruler'
Capital of the Mongol Empire from 1235-1260
new capital city 1279 ce.
grandson of Genghis Khan
Mongol dynasty of china 1271-1368
sparsely populated Eurasia (steppes)
young Genghis Khan
Genghis khan's main and first wife
longest feud with the mongols
the best teacher
mongol tents were made of
the mongols sang to their...
the largest empire ever
present day Khanbalik
mongol empire originated in...

Crossword: Mongol Empire

Crossword: Mongol Empire

Title meaning "universal ruler"
What is the Il-khan of Persia called?
What is the capital of the Mongol Empire?
The "city of the khan", now Bejing
Who was the grandson of Genghis Khan?
Mongol Russia, known to Russians as "Khanate of the Golden Horde"
Ruler of Xiongnu Empire who created centralized political hierarchy based on trade and military honor
Era of peace in Mongol Empire
Mongol dynasty that ruled China from 1271 to 1368 CE
What was the name for the war between the Mongols and the Chinese from 1209-1250 CE?

Ming Dynasty Crossword

Ming Dynasty Crossword

(1371-1433?) Chinese naval explorer who sailed along most of the coast of Asia, Japan, and half way down the east coast of Africa before his death.
(1368- 1644) Chinese Dynasty that followed the Mongols. The Ming moved China's capital to Beijing, and ruled for 300 years of peace and prosperity.
Became the capital of China during the Ming Dynasty because of its centralized location
A walled section of Beijing that encloses the palace that was formerly the residence of the emperor of China.
Practice of government employment based on competitive examinations and merit
meaning "brilliant", Chinese dynasty that succeeded the Mongol Yuan dynasty in 1368 led by Hongwu and fell to the Manchu Qing dynasty in 1644
nomadic people from a grasslands north of Korea who established the Qing dynasty in China in 1644
meaning "pure", last of the Chinese dynasties, founded by the Manchu in 1644 that fell in 1911
1661-1722, Qing emperor who defeated the Mongols in 1696 and strengthened Chinese infrastructure
Who started the ming dynasty?
hongwu's improvement in agriculture increased _____ _____ & improved
hongwu's improvement in agriculture increased rice production & improved _____
hongwu decided to return to _____ _____ _____, like filial piety
hongwu decided to return to confucian moral standards, like ____ _____
High-sterned, with projecting bow, classic Chinese sailing vessel of ancient unknown origin, still in wide use.
One of the foundational virtue of Confucianism, it characterizes the bearing and behaviour that a paradigmatic human being exhibits in order to promote a flourishing human community.
Formal social roles and institutions that the ancients had abstracted from cosmic models to order communal life. Ritual

Maya, Inca, and Aztec Empires Crossword

Maya, Inca, and Aztec Empires Crossword

What is the Mayan god of Fire?
What is the most dominant city-state of the Mayan Empire?
Symbols used that represented words.
Which empire came up with the concept of zero?
This supplies water to the nearby cities.
Families were organized in a group.
Sacred places or objects.
What was the Inca's god of the sun called?
The Inca called their rulers this.
Inca Empire royal estate.
The Inca Empire's capital city.
What was the 4 quarters of the Inca Empire called?
A series of colored, knotted strings.
Running messengers, like a relay race.
Who ran the government (tax collectors and record keepers)?
Who was the most important god to the Aztecs?
Who was the god of life for the Aztecs?
What did the Aztecs build in the lakes?
What did the Aztecs call their ruler?
What was the spoken language of the Aztecs?
What are the ancient books from the Aztec Empire called?

Mongolian Crossword Puzzle

Mongolian Crossword Puzzle

Which two centuries was Mongolia at It's strongest
Who was Mongolia's greatest leader
Which family had power over Mongolia During its best days
Which continent(s) was the Mongol empire located for an amount of time
What was an alternate name for Genghis Khan?
Gengis's original name
What did the Mongol empire start out as
What is the land called that the Mongolian tribes lived on
What did the Mongolian nomads and soldiers on the move live in?
What is the average altitude of The original Mongol land
The Mongolian tribes were before the Mongol empire came to exsitance or after it collapsed
What was Mongolian leather made of?
What did European empires see the Mongols as
How many sons did Genghis have
Which empire was Mongolian closely associated with throughout the years
What were the Mongols often called?
Mongolian Soldiers were extremely good at what?
Mongols were related to which ancient Chinese tribe
Which dynasty did the Mongols lead
What is the name of the type of people who lived in Mongolia

Romanovs Crossword


Russia's longest- ruling female leader _____.
The only son of Nicholas II and Alexandra was _____.
_____ he was the last Romanov emperor.
Was the last Imperial Dynasty of Russia:
___ was devoted to Rasputin.
1762 to 1796 was considered Russia's ____.
______he was the man that with his army defeated French troops.
_____ he was the first Romanov czar of Russia.
Tragic day when a lot of Russians died ____.
___ declared himself emperor of the Russian Empire.

World History 7 Chapter 4 Crossword

World History 7 Chapter 4 Crossword

Chinese Dynasties
lowest level of Chinese society
Irrigation was used, paper money was developed, and silk was exported during this time period
A temple complex built in the Khmer Empire and dedicated to the Hindu God, Vishnu. (located in modern day Cambodia)
Chinggis Khan's written law code
A person who is believed to have the power to cure the sick and forecast and control the future
earliest Chinese dynasty
religion found on the four noble truths
a general who ruled Japan in the emperor's name meaning "great general"
a chinese philosophy in which people live a simple life in harmony with nature
The Yuan dynasty was established, Chinese culture was still promoted, and Mongol rule ended in 1368 were effects of
led a Mongol army into Russia
The Mongols worshiped many gods, especially the supreme god
extended his empire from Turkey to India
unsuccessfully invaded Japan
China's first foreign dynasty, founded by Kublai Khan
The most famous Muslim ruler of India during the period of Mughal rule. Famous for his religious tolerance, his investment in rich cultural feats, and the creation of a centralized governmental administration, which was not typical of ancient and post-classical India.
employed a law code that he used to govern and prepare for military conquest
A member of the warrior class in premodern feudal Japan
practice of a warrior's committing suicide China
developed large cities until the nineteenth century
a tactic used by Genghis Khan where they would pretend to be beaten, left their camps empty and when the towns people came to plunder the camp, the men would attack.
The leading religion early in Chinese history
defeated a combined army of many countries at the Battle of Liegnitz
leading religion in early Chinese history
leading religion in early Chinese history
the dynasty that ruled the last Mongol empire
surrounding a city or fort until they run out of supplies
Taj Mahal location
The Mongols defeated this country during the Song dynasty's rule
The Mongol tribes began fighting with one another. The Chinese viewed this fighting as a way to break free of Mongol rule, so they encouraged it. They were able to expel the Mongols from China. Tamerlane became a powerful Mongol conqueror, but rather than building a well-ruled empire, he focused on collecting treasures taken in battle, a decision that resulted in the collapse of his empire shortly after his death. The Mughal empire was a peaceful empire that slowly declined after the death of their leader, Akbar. The British eventually took over India in the nineteenth century.
great impact on the military class in Japan
religion; located in japan and related to Buddhism; focuses particularly on nature and ancestor worship
the decline in government in this country led to feudalism
feudalism resulted when local rulers replaced
Compass, writing paper, printing, cast iron, and gun powder were what of the Chinese
a "divine wind" given credit for protecting Japan
Ashikaga, Tokugawa, and Fujiwara
European name for Mongols
movable tents Mongols lived in

History Chapter 7 Crossword

History Chapter 7 Crossword

What do historians sometimes call the time of disorder that followed the collapse of the Han?
Who was one of Tang dynasty greatest ruler?
A canal linking norther and southern China.
Who was the only woman to rule China?
What religion originated in India about 500 B.C
Where did farmers grow wheat, barley, and other grains?
Thin, beautiful type of pottery called porcelain.
A form of painting in which is carved on wood.
What is a mixture of powders used in guns and explosives?
The instrument which made it possible more accurate then ever before.
What is a body of unelected government officials.
What is service as a government official?
Who had the title ''Universal Ruler"
Who became the ruler of the Mongol Empire in 1260?
Between 1405 and 1433 who led seven grand voyages around Asia?
What is to work or preform?
The policy of avoiding contact with other countries.
Effects of a particular event.
What is something that leads people to follow a certain course of action.
What was China's largest and capitol city during the Tang dynasty?

Mongol Empire Crossword

Mongol Empire Crossword

Who was the leader of the Mongol army (actual name)
what did they live in?
What animal did they use for war
Mongol empire location (continent)
Mongol invaders
What is the meaning of Temujin?
Marco _____ was a European explorer
_______ becomes Genghis Khan
Who was there god of the universe?
Who was there god of wisdom
Did Mongols eat their horses
What was the silk road
What does Genghis mean?
What was the main religion of the Mongol Empire?
Did the Mongol army use prisoners of war in front of their soldiers?
What did the Mongols throw using catapults?
What new dynasty was established by a Mongol ruler?
How was Kublai related to Genghis Khan
What dynasty defeated the Mongol invaders?
What were Khanates?

The Mongol Empire Crossword

The Mongol Empire Crossword

The year the Mongol empire made an appearance
The greatest Mongol empire leader
The second Mongol leader who took over after the first leader died
The dynasty that overtook the Mongols
Genghis Khan's name before he became leader
The grandson of Genghis Khan
The italian trader from Venice
The dynasty created by Kublai Khan
The religion practiced by the Mongols
Began the Islamic religion
The place the Mongols fled to once they were defeated