The reduction in the number of x-ray photons in the beam, and subsequent loss of energy, as the beam passes through matter.
Scatter interaction between x-rays and matter characterized by interaction between a very-low-energy x-ray photon and matter causing the electron to vibrate at the same frequency as the incident photon, which then produces a secondary photon with the same energy and wavelength as the incident photon but that travels in a different direction
The dislodged electron resulting from Compton scattering; also called a recoil electron.
An interaction between x-rays and matter characterized by an incident x-ray photon interacting with a loosely bound outer-shell electron, resulting in removal of the electron from the shell, which then proceeds in a different direction as a scattered photon.
The reaction of electrons dropping into the holes created during a characteristic interaction until there is only a hole in the outer shell.
The result of scattered photons striking the radiographic film and placing a density on the film that is unrelated to the patient’s anatomy is radiation ___.
An interaction between x-rays and matter characterized by an incident electron with slightly greater energy than the binding energy of the electrons in the inner shells, ejecting an electron from the inner shell while being absorbed in the reaction, resulting in an ionized atom.
Type of radiation created by the electron transfer from one shell to another but occurring outside the x-ray target.
The interaction of x-ray photons and matter that causes a change in direction of the photons.
Name of electron that is ejected in a photoelectric absorption interaction.

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