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Wearable Crossword


Technology worn on your body
The NHS provide this service for people.
a person who has the job of watching or noticing particular things.
the act of stopping something from happening or of stopping someone from doing something.
a system that can show the exact position of a person or thing by using signals from satellites
the use of computers to design objects
Short for computer-assisted manufacturing.
a condition or situation that causes problems, especially one that causes something or someone to be less successful than other things or people:
a device that is used to record that something is present or that there are changes in something.
a set of images and sounds, produced by a computer, that seem to represent a place or a situation that a person can take part in
a device containing a wheel that spins freely within a frame, used on aircraft and ships to help keep them horizontal, and as a children's toy
images produced by a computer and used together with a view of the real world
a device that measures acceleration or G-force
you can wear me round your wrist to monitor your health and I rhyme.

Geelong Ulysses Exhaust Notes Summer Holiday Crossword


clutch, what you call the clutch on a
boxer, name of type of engine on traditional
shaft, Final drive on traditional
ABS, modern type of braking
GPS, modern abbreviation for navigation
disc, this replaced drum
Triumph, totally British (well use to
Hayabusa, Suzuki’s fastest production
Kawasaki, manufactures the
Steppenwolf, Rock band “Born to be
TheLens, Peter
Gentle, Ron
Duck, Geelong Ulysses
Hotham, usual location FOR club
Ride Calendar, Mark is in charge of generating
Forumotion, Jules co-ordinates
Geelong, This Ulysses

All Saints Christmas Treasure Trail Crossword

All Saints Christmas Treasure Trail Crossword

Make sure you are on the nice list so this person will deliver your presents on Christmas Eve
We wish you a merry Christmas and a....
A sparkling garland used as a decoration at Christmas
This festive song is also a woman's name
These animals drive Santa's sleigh. One even has a shiny red nose!
Santa Claus lives here with his Elves. Brrrrr...and it's very cold!
This food is traditionally eaten as the main part of a special meal on Christmas Day
A traditional Christmas baked treat to enjoy with a warm hot chocolate!
What might you use to count down the days until Christmas Day? Are you lucky enough to get a chocolate behind each door?
Ouch, that hurt! These leaves are spiky!
Twinkle, twinkle, little _ _ _ _
"Oh no it isn't!" At which traditional Christmas show would you hear this phrase?
In the song, the 12 days of Christmas, what precious metal were the five rings made out of?

Geelong Ulysses Exhaust Notes Summer Crossword


World’s fastest……
Short for Tail End Charlie
The name of this organisation
What you call the accelerator on a motorcycle
What you call the clutch on a motorcycle
Name of type of engine on traditional BMWs
Final drive on traditional BMWs
Modern type of braking system
Modern abbreviation for navigation system
This replaced drum brakes
Totally British (well, use to be)
Suzuki’s fastest production bike
Manufactures the Vulcan
Rock band “Born to be wild”
Peter Barclay
Ron Howell
Geelong Ulysses Logo
Usual location for club meetings
Mark is in charge of generating this
Jules co-ordinates this
This Ulysses branch

Safe Active Travel Word Search

Word Search

carbon emissions
road patrollers
global warming
climate change
bright clothes
pedal ready
orange day

Souper Supper 2021 Crossword


Did you see the new _____ behind Mary's house?
What is Mary's favorite snack by the firepit?
What is Marys dogs name?
What does the Souper Supper winder get to take home, but has to return with it next time?
What was behind the back yard when Mary was little?
What did Mary find on the new ____ this past year?
What can you find near pine trees?
The name of Mary's favorite Grandson.
Name of our party today.
Who likes to eat the applies off the trees in Mary's yard?
Name of Mary's newest great niece?
What kind of rocks does Mary like? Rocks with _____ (check out the wall near the garage)
What kind of ____ do you like?
Mary's favorite football team
Name for your brothers, sisters, Mom, Dad, grandparents?
What words/numbers are found on the driveway
What does Mary like to grow in the summertime?
What was Grandma Vetter's favorite holiday?

Equipment Safety Inside the Depot Crossword


"diseased" equipment
you need these to be safe on your feet
you can be a "super lifter" when using this
this equipment has an identical twin
this is used from Induction to Delvery
this Jack has no Jill
this happens after you make it safe
Robn P wears two
we ride these steps
bigger than a bread box, smaller than a forklift
big rigs are found here
this is us!

Mom can't drive 55! Crossword

Mom can't drive 55! Crossword

our favorite spot to swim
the iconic birthday spot for the kiddos
the birthday megan dropped her cake on the floor
don't throw out eli's
upon meeting dad you decided to do what to him
Eli played this instrument with his lip numb
what song did megan sing in her 6th grade solo?
dad's favorite christmas cookie
you treated Eli to a game at this iconic field
you will never see Emily eating this fruit again due to an unfortunate childhood experience
you are the reigning champion in the family in this
the first concert you took megan to
Eli stuck blueberries up his nose here
where you became a mom!
your mom hack was to make Eli do these with his infection in the doctor's office
the house you grew up in
you were the star ice cream scooper at
emily and megan would do performances here that were questionably entertaining
you chaperoned the choir trip in this city
your best investment as a parent to keep megan and emily entertained as kids
how you survived with this many siblings growing up amazes me
the city where it all began
you and dad dominated playing this at grandma/grandpas during the holidays
the first time you took emily and megan on a plane was to
the best mom in the whole wide world

christmas crossword


what do you call things someone gives you?
who gives you stuff
Who flys around night
what does your gifts fly in
what do you put on the chimney
what sweet do you get
who is married to the person who gives gifts
what fairytale says run run as fast as you can you can't catch me I'm a...
what do you exchange for gifts
what do you have for dinner?
what does christmas mean
what do you send?
where does someone live?
who makes gifts
what are your gifts under
what is on top of something
what else is on top of something
who has a red nose

Alivio Tourist Park Crossword


The name of our restaurant
A type of Mobile Home
They have a pouch
Hit it with a racket
Lets go for a swim
Where you get a key
"I call top..."
Extra cheese on a...
Edible Plants
You can ride your... in the nature reserve
Where a koala lives
Where are we