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Properties of water Crossword

Properties of water Crossword

Water sticks to water
Water sticks to a window
The property that allows water to absorb large amounts of water without changing its temperature
Water can dissolve many substances. This makes water the __________.
Water resists changes in ____________________.
Ice is ___________________ than liquid water.
Water is a ___________ molecule because it has an uneven distribution of electrons.
Forces that hold two water molecules together.
The tendency of water to move up a thin tube such as the roots of plants is known as _____________.
The loss of water from plant leaves
The two properties that are responsible for capillary action.
Read a graduated cylinder from the bottom of the _______.

Heat and Energy Crossword

Heat and Energy Crossword

the measure of motion of matter particles.
a temperature scale that defines the freezing point of water as 32 degrees and the boiling point of water a 212 degrees 
a temperature scale that defines the freezing point of water as 0 degrees and the boiling point of water as 100 degrees
the temperature scale in which the freezing point of water is 273 K and the boiling point is 373 K; 0 K is absolute zero
the temperature at which no thermal energy can be removed from matter.
thermal energy that is transferred from matter at a higher temperature to matter at a lower temperature.
the transfer of energy by direct contact. The term can apply to either heat transfer or electron transfer.
the transfer of thermal energy by the circulation or movement of a liquid or gas.
the movement of a fluid, caused by differences in temperature, that transfers heat from one part of the fluid to another.
the transfer of energy by electromagnetic waves.
a material that transfers heat, electricity, or both easily.
a material that does not transfer, heat, electricity, or both easily.
a physical property that describes matter as a solid, liquid, or gas.
the physical change of matter from one state to another.
the changing a solid to a liquid.
the withdrawal of heat to change something from a liquid to a solid.
the temperature at which no thermal energy can be removed from matter.
the changing of a gas to a liquid.
the spreading apart of the matter particles of an object when that object is heated.
the total energy of all the particles in an object.
The amount of heat that must be absorbed or lost for 1 gram of a substance to change its temperature by 1°C.
the change of a substance from a liquid to a gas; it that takes place at the surface of a liquid.

Invertebrates Crossword

Invertebrates Crossword

a tube-shaped invertebrate that dwells in soil
a green insect that preys on other insects; the female often eats the male
a jelly-like sea creature that has long tentacles that often can sting prey with contact
a flying insect that sucks other creatures' blood
a large insect with see-through wings often found on trees; sheds its skin; can be heard making a high-pitched sound during the summertime
a small creature with a shell on its back, often found in gardens or yards
a sea creature with eight long arms that may have an inky spray; sometimes used for food
a flying insect with an abdomen that can light up; used to attract mates or scare away predators
a long, thin insect often with bright colors and two pairs of large see-through wings; often found flying over water
a small flying insect that is red with black spots or patches; protects plants by eating aphids
one of the biggest spiders, covered with hair, and often lives in hot areas; may have a poisonous bite
a small water-dwelling worm that sucks the blood of its prey, or even humans
a small insect-like creature with about 30-300 legs that is often found in homes
a flying insect that is attracted to bright lights and comes from a caterpillar in a cocoon
a flying insect that is brightly colored and comes from a caterpillar in a chrysalis
an animal without a backbone
a hard covering on the outside of some invertebrates
a "squishy" sea creature with pores and channels throughout its body
small animals with eight legs; spiders, scorpions, etc.
a small creature with six legs; often can fly
usually found underwater; hard exoskeleton; crabs, lobsters, shrimp, etc.
invertebrates lay eggs
invertebrates do not make their own food
an insect that makes sticky golden substance we eat
a small creature that lands on humans or animals and stays there sucking his blood until filled and round

Arthopods Bingo Cards

Arthopods Bingo Cards
Bingo Cards

horseshoe crab
stick insect
Arnold Schwarzeneger


Food Web Word Search

Food Web Word Search
Word Search


Invertebrates Crossword

Invertebrates Crossword

Feels like you've been hit by a bullet when stung by one of these
This bee deals with wood
This ant can turn into a living "honey-pot"
This bee makes our honey
This ant cuts off leaves with its sharp jaws
This "ant" is actually a wasp
Scientific name of flies
This cricket can be found in caves
Scientific name of a Cricket
Not real Katydid
Hides between flower petals and waits for its meal to come
A cockroach that is German
Over sized Cockroach
Resembles a thorny branch
If you touch this insect it may hiss at you
Insect that resembles a vegetable
Type of scorpion known as one of natures "snorkelers"
Used in fishing
Worms used by doctors
this spider is one of nature's many pest control agents.
Common Spider found in NA
tell-tale red 'hourglass' marking on this spider, though body can brown.
This spider can go months without food and live up to 3yrs
This scorpion is known to crawl into boots
Snails prey to African land snails
Slug that is bright yellow
type of snail that bury themselves in mud
type of bug that eats the seeds of the milkweed plant
this water bug swims on its back.
insect that may look like a white bump on a leaf/stem
Insects used in food products for red dye
butterflies have orange wings with black veins
These millipedes feed mostly on decaying plant material
This animal is not really a worm, but the larval form of the silk moth.
underside of wings is brown, despite the outside color of this butterfly
water-loving beetles spin randomly on the surface of a stream
beetles commonly found on cattle dung
beetle that is red with black dots
beetles that feed on dried animal carcasses
This beetle can produce 14 different sounds

Ocean Zones Crossword

Ocean Zones Crossword

producing own light
free swimming animals that move throughout the water column
tiny algae and animals that float in the water and are carried by waves
organisms that inhabit the ocean floor
deepest, dark part of the ocean
coastal inlets or bays where fresh water from rivers mixes with the salty water
most common plant in the marsh
hot water rises out of cracks in the ocean floor
these forests grow in cold neritic waters
ring shaped reef surrounding a shallow lagoon
these forests protect the coastline during storms
considered the top zone
smooth nearly flat region of the ocean floor
consists of may peaks

Biochemistry & Enzyme Crossword

Biochemistry & Enzyme Crossword

Monomers of proteins
Positive result for Biuret test
Protein catalyst
Speeds up chemical reactions
Enzymes usually end in "____"
Temporary change in shape of a protein caused by pH, temperature, etc.
Carbon monoxide (CO) is a competitive inhibitor for ________
Enzymes speed up the ____ of the chemical reaction
What is the bond between two amino acids?
Linear arrangement of amino acids
Structure of globular proteins
Where the substrate binds to on an enzyme
Enzymes ________ activation energy
Lack of vitamin C
An element that is characteristic of proteins but not carbohydrates or lipids
Another word for catabolic reaction
In a dehydration reaction, water is ________
Vitamins are an example of ________
Monomers add together to make ______

Photosynthesis Crossword

Photosynthesis Crossword

Principal chemical compound that cells use to store and release energy
Scientist who devised an experiment to find out if plants grew by taking material out of the soil
organisms which make their own food
Light absorbing pigment found in plants
The location inside a plant cell where photosynthesis takes place
Organisms that obtain energy from the food they consume
saclike photosynthetic membranes inside the chloroplasts that are arranged in stacks known as grana
The process plants use the energy of sunlight to convert H2O and CO2 into carbohydrates and Oxygen
What is the waste product from photosynthesis that all other animals can't exist without?
Proteins in the thylakoid membrane that are the "light collecting" units of the chloroplast
This cycle uses ATP and NADPH to produce high energy sugars. I takes place in the stroma and doesn't require light
One factor that affects photosynthesis is _____________.
Where does a plants increase in mass come from?
The leaves of most plants appear green because they __________ green light

Weather crossword puzzle

Weather crossword puzzle

The atmospheric conditions along with short term changes of a certain place at a certain time.
A quantity that can change.
Energy an object has due to it's motion.
The pressure that a column of air exerts on the air or surface below it.
The amount of water vapor in the air.
The temperature at which air is fully saturated because of decreasing temperatures while holding the amount of moisture constant .
the series of natuaral processes in which water continually moves among oceans,land,and the atmosphere
water in liquid or solid form ,that falls from the atmosphere.
its used to measure air pressure.
used to measure the direction of wind.
used to track and measure the conditions of large scale air movement.
The amount of water vapor present vs the maximum amount of water vapor.
used to measure the amount of rainfall.
water droplets or ice crystal suspended in the atmosphere.
The instrument measures the temperature,air pressure ,wind speed and direction of a particular weather .