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Promoting Student Development- (1A) Development of Children Crossword

Promoting Student Development- (1A) Development of Children Crossword

Learning/academics refers to the _________ domain of development?
Interactions with people & the environment refers to the _________ domain of development?
The body & movement refers to the _________ domain of development?
Processing & understanding feelings refers to the _________ domain of development?
________ representations use manipulatives to introduce a concept.
The symbolic/_____________ stage students draw pictures/symbols to represent a concept.
_________ stage is when students use variables to represent a concept.
Analysis & judgement refers to which cognitive process?
Looking from a new perspective refers to which cognitive process?
Asking questions to gather information to gather information refers to which cognitive process?
__________ & planning: cognitive process involves solving problems & making decisions?
Memory/___________: cognitive process involves providing facts from given information
Writing, running & using scissors are __________ skills that are developed & honed everyday.
Object permanence occurs is which of Piaget's four stages of cognitive development?
Language development & beginning to think symbolically occurs in which of Piagets' four stages of cognitive development?
A student that is understand logical reasoning, not yet understanding abstract thought is in which stage of Piagets' four Stages of Cognitive Development?
Stage of play where a child makes seemingly random movements with no clear purpose &/or observing others without acting?
Playing alone w/ limited interaction among other children is which stage of play?
______ Play/Onlooker Play: stage of play that observes other children playing, but does not play w/ them
Stage of play where a student plays alongside other children, but not in cooperation w/ them
Stage of play when a child plays in cooperation w/ other children in a loosely organized manner; generally developing preferences for playing w/ certain children

Wedding Bingo

Wedding Bingo
Bingo Cards

Doesn't Drink Coffee
Wears Glasses
Plays a Musical Instrument
Has Been Married 10+ Years
Has 2 or More Pets
Is Bilingual
Has Traveled Outside the U.S
Has 2 or More Kids
Does Not Have Facebook
Can Change a Tire
Has Been on a Cruise
Plays Video Games
Loves to Swim
Is The Eldest Here
Loves Horror Movies
Likes to Paint
Is Wearing Black
Is a Business Owner
Is the Youngest Here
Played Sports in School
Has 1 or More Siblings
Loves Chinese Food
Loves Mexican Food
Knows How to Play Chess


Canopy Christmassy Who Knows Who??? Crossword


Who worked in a Family Planning Clinic prior to joining Canopy?
For the last 3 months or so, Audrey has been desperate to rid her house of something – what was it?
Whose remedy in times of stress, or any other time really, is chocolate?
Before joining Canopy, and herding doctors, Jane was responsible for organising what other group of professionals?
Trish was first in the team to secure what sort of booking after 29 November?
Patients are required to swab within how many days of their visit to Canopy?
First name of our most recently retired Canopy clinician?
Some of us prefer Netflix & Chill but for this teamster it’s Chardonnay & Piano – who is it?
Debbie has a very talented niece who sold her creations as a fundraiser earlier this year – what were they?
Name Charmaine’s newest grandbaby – here’s a clue, she’s a girl?
We are currently building a fancy schmancy new premises in Hawkes Bay – is it in Napier or Hastings?
It’s a tasty tipple, as well as being Tania’s (offsite) nickname?
In the olden days, pre Covid lockdowns, what mode of transport did Dale bring onsite?
Name the only boy in Tenia’s otherwise all-girl household?
What does the “E” stand for in the Canopy core values (CARE)?

CQC Crossword


What do you call it when you have concerns about an adults welfare
Our Green Lips campaign relates to .................... Information standards
What word is used when you raise concerns of malpractice in the workplace?
DoLS stands for .............................. of Liberty Safeguards
Under what age do we not accept patients
P.L.U.M.B are the first letters of the principles in which act.
Who is your speakup champion
Who is our safeguarding champion
One part of mandatory training is information ................................
Where do we record all complaints and issues
What does the S stand for in the core services we are judged against
What does the C stand for in the core services we are judged against
What does R stand for in the core services we are judged against
What is the name of the survey we have just done
What does the E stand for in the core services we are judged against
What does the w stand for in the core services we are judged against

Gathering Fun Bingo Cards

Gathering Fun Bingo Cards
Bingo Cards

Does not wear a watch
Has a Dog
Has a Cat
Has been Scuba Diving
Plays a sport
Plays an instrument
Can speak another language
Is younger than you
Is older than you
Loves to be in the woods
Is vegetarian
Has a black thumb
Loves to learn new things
Has been to Woodbadge
Loves to travel
Lived in more than one state
Loves to sing
Loves to dance
Has siblings
Is an only child
Is the oldest child
Is the youngest child
Is left handed
Someone from another district


Merry Christmas Pops, Em and Grandma! Crossword


Next year will be ...
Thanksgiving is on the ? of July
The month before Christmas
One of Liverpool's theatres
New West Ham shareholder ? Kretinsky
Snoopy's best friend Charlie ?
Famous artist Leonardo ?
Samuel Morse created a ?
The Pope is the head of the ?
Erin Brokovich is played by Julia ?
An English cricketer in the early 1900's, Thomas
Was she married to Jesus?
The cup from the Last Supper
Where does the Pope live?

The Birth of Our Savior (Matt 1:18-25, Luke 2:1-20) Crossword

The Birth of Our Savior (Matt 1:18-25, Luke 2:1-20) Crossword

Who was Mary betrothed (engaged) to?
Mary was made pregnant through the power of the ____ ____
To spare her shame, Joseph decided to do what in quiet?
Joseph receives a message in a dream from what?
Joseph is the descendant of what great Israelite King? Son of ?
Joseph is told he will have a son and he is to give him a name that in Greek is
Even though Mary is with child, she remains a ____.
Isaiah was an Old Testament _____ who told of a savior that would be born of a virgin.
This is the Hebrew name of the Greek name Jesus and it means ("God is with us" what a perfect name!)
Joseph did as the Lord asked and he took Mary as his ____ into his home
What town was Jesus born in?
Ceasar ____ wanted the world to be enrolled (censused) to collect taxes from everyone.
Joseph takes a pregnant Mary from _____ to Bethlehem for the census.
Mary gave birth, wrapped her baby in swaddling clothes and laid him in an animal feeding trough, known as a
An angel appears to _____ watching their flocks.
The ___ of the Lord shone around the workers in the field and they were filled with fear (awe of God)
The angel speaks, I proclaim to you ___ ___
The news of the angel will bring great __
A ____ has been born!
A multitude of angels sing, Glory to God in the
The shepherds go in haste to Bethlehem to see the new born ___
Mary reflected on these things in her __
The shepherds return home, ____ God
The Season that prepares our hearts for Jesus
Jesus is the ____ of the world!

Punctuation Revision Crossword


Used at the end of a question
A ____ clause is one that can stand by itself with no extra information
Separates two independent clauses
Used to indicate speech
Can be written to indicate trailing off
A ____ clause does not make sense by itself and adds information to a sentence
Shows when someone is being interrupted
Used when a personal comment or scientific name is used
SCUBA is a well-known ______
Ellipses can be used to create ______ in a mysterious story
Marks the end of a sentence
Used to mark the start of a list
Colons can be used after the speaker's name in a _____

Visual Arts Crossword


A popular subject for artists, as the objects that are used in a still life are usually chosen from the artist’s own possessions or environment; these can be arranged to suit the artist and will remain in the same position to aid observation
String made of natural materials like straw
Designed and made to look the same on both sides; balanced
Shapes such as circles, squares, rectangles, triangles, and diamonds
A national head count of every citizen in our country
A throwaway item
Represent an idea, emotion or belief through a simple image, gesture, or element such as colour
Occurs when the elements work well together and relate to one another closely.
Not moving, motionless
The position taken up by the body; how we sit, stand, or lie down
Fold and compress the clay over itself a few times to squeeze out any air-bubbles.
Clay that has been placed in an extremely hot fire or furnace to harden and strengthen it

Mingle BLACKOUT Bingo

Mingle BLACKOUT Bingo
Bingo Cards

Is left handed
Loves to sleep in
Wears contacts
Cuts their own hair
Is the oldest Child
Speaks 2 or more languages
Loves to read
Has 2 or more pets
Is an only child
Plays a musical instrument
Does not drink soda pop
Is afraid of spiders
Has more than 3 siblings
Knows how to surf
Has no pets
Doesn't like chocolate
Was born in September
Likes to draw
Has lived on a farm
Has been to Europe
Is allergic to cats
Has more than 5 kids
Has green eyes
Went on a mission
Has a birthday this month
Was born outside of Utah
Prefers to be indoors
Is the youngest child
Doesn't like to shop
Doesn't like to play games
Doesn't like pizza
Was born in june
Likes to dance
Has been on a blind date
Broke a bone
Went to a movie this week
Doesn't have a middle name
Owns a white car
Planted a garden last year
Has painted toenails
Has never broken a bone
Drives a mini van
Can play the guitar
Knows sign language
Favorite season is winter
Loves to cook
Can touch their toes
Has a food allergy
Can run 2 miles