To find my way to my aunts house I would use a map
The big round thing that shows the world is called a globe
That guy workes as a cartographer
I live in the northwest region
I heard movement in my basement
I migrated to florida
Do we live in the place Minnesota
Is the world getting a lot of pollution
The angular distance of a place north or south of the equator is called latitude
A map that means city,state,regions,nations,continents, is called thematic map
Thematic map
A graphic representation of a maritime area and adjacent coast region is called nautical map
Nautical map
You should use latitude and longitude to find the absolute location of yourself
Absolute location
A change to something already being used prangando version is called human enviorment interaction
Human environment interaction
The longitude of Minnesota is 8484 and 58585
A world map witch shows bah blah blah
Robinson production map

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