• Has been to Disneyland
  • Likes to sing
  • Takes A.P. Classes
  • Sang a solo in public
  • Afraid of spiders
  • Knows how to ski
  • Has never left the country
  • Plays an instrument
  • Is a recent convert
  • Has more than 2 pets
  • Just moved in (new here)
  • Doesn't like chocolate
  • Eats sushi
  • Can use chopsticks
  • Can swim the length of a pool
  • Has been on time every AM
  • Likes to dance
  • Is a lifelong member
  • Has lived in 4+ places
  • Has cliff-jumped or zip-lined
  • Likes to bake
  • Earned the YW medallion
  • Is an Eagle Scout
  • Afraid of spiders

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