a king that has the power to enforce rules or give orders(king, church, pope)
a fortified homme for an important person such as a lord or king.
the roman________collapsed on the 5th century
hosted and held on grand scale as display of power ,prowess and skill
let to wars between civilization
included cobbers ,potters, bakers , carpenters and silvermith
the period in western europe between the fall of roman empire and the high little ages
dark ages
a kingdom that is run by emperors
the battle of hasting let to a full scale ______with england being ruled by william and his barons
business people who participated in retail and trade
alloted and land by baarons on the understanding that they would undertake military service when requested by the king
some ran their own business and were considered free,but most were essentially slaves
the evolution from a land based economic to a money based one
black death
when an army was needed and a call to arms "was delivered
lived under the feudal system and owned nothing and worked very hard 6 days a week
owned everything in their manor
the desire to hurt or kill
the different beliefs of the people
the bravery withing a person
the process of teaching soldiers how to fight

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