Thick driver that could be Zoe (6,7)
Stupid Meechum
Fittest man alive sounds like a headless triple after proms begin (7)
Suit just mangled creating new fighting regime (8)
During a recon normally sex isn't allowed with him (6)
God adores warm hands (5)
Headless Stags mix with lovers under trees initially to always labels you (7)
Duck takes most of March to find a favourite character (4)
Punish grande mistake with fetish party (7,6)
Torture Garden
Desert offers first choice of Tv Shows (6,5)
Amazon Prime
Confused leach endlessly ran ahead with control such a sexy women (7,7)
Rachael Balance
Third in line (almost) is on earnest Job (8,4)
Harrison Dear
Future FTSE contender's scream around the old smoke (5,5,6)
Shout About London
Zoe can't understand normal terminology for starters (4)
Excuse for favours can steer web differently with pals (4,4,7)
Were best friends
This marks the spot with life's journey - so many episodes (1,5)
A powerful family almost get bigger with bottomless tshirt (6)
Mother fights ageing so useful on holiday (3,6)
Mum Folder
Brazier and Dog inside annoying thank you for little red legend (5)
Bottom of jaw takes ecstasy with South East takeaway (7)
Ignore Oscar eating biscuits (5)
Angry poodle where cowboys drink makes amazing burgers (3,3,6)
Red dog saloon
Ironic singer begins a nickname (4)
Young lads singing? I go that way (3,9)
One Direction
1 brought hoop with the funny act for what me and Brent say (1,5,3,6)
I bring the comedy
Settling for someone with arsenic yet our old confusion orders Zoe about (5,2,2,5,4)
Youll do as youre told
Sounds like a blood's enemy is almost a second from angry promise what an Obscure puzzle (7,9)
Cryptic Crossword
Male emotion holds total wanker (5)
Nazi soldiers in spanking tool could be your last name one day (6)
Druger smashed skirting

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