Our favorite dead eyed news reporting robot
Wolf Blitzer
Daddy's ultimate torture confinement device is his ___________ ___________.
Mitsubishi Eclipse
I can hear Ewa's screaming demons loudest in your _________.
One of my favorite TNG characters found it hard to breathe ____________.
The "fucking faggots" of the bird kingdom
I took a bite out of my ________ ________ baby.
chicken breast
This hair terrorist had an unfortunate style that resembled a _________.
Ted Cruz loves to put his ______ in his __________.
hands pockets
You shouldn't get me chocolates for Valentine's Day because then I'll just be asking you if I ______ ____.
look fat
I wish we were cuddled up watching _____ right now.
"_______ _______ _______ !" is the objective of our favorite real life board game.
Move Along Home
_______ and his wife love to smoke weed and hang out naked in a jacuzzi in the woods.
The original inappropriate Dad joke involved a _______ in a ________.
dildo shoppingbag
My favorite mushroom city.
We saw a shirt-open belly-flaunting ________ in the IKEA cafeteria.
We can't let this investigative terrorist win by pushing her ________ _________.
normie agenda
Daddy never thought he'd hear the end of my _____.
I thought of this clever original word when I put off going to the bathroom.
I'm so glad Lisa Ling covered the ______ of ______, because they are such an important organization in America.
________ ________ is literally in love with himself.
Martin OMalley
I'm so glad we shared a _____ at midnight on New Years.
You always point out that Sanders has an extremely ______ ________, a common elderly affliction.
wet mouth
Kelsie is not ready for our bloody ________ kinkiness.
I am so grateful for your _________ streak, it's so hot!
Your crinkled up _________ ridge is so sexy to me.
You are such a _________ person and I'm so grateful to have you in my life and that we met.
If we ever have a freak intelligent special needs child we must name it _____. (jk ;) lol)

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