The 3rd oldest chocolate company in the U.S.
Tortilla rolled around meat and cheese
The Valentine State (U.S.)
Hygge country
He lifts a leg and touches his toe in wintertime
A white sleigh bearing Quebec plates and an Arizona sticker
Bonsoir c'est moe
Hiha Tremblay
Served at the Oarweed
Sonoran cactus
Bostonian famous for his midnight ride
Paul Revere
Where it all started on Cartier Street
Even they were inside at the Aquarium
polar bears
La p'tite Jacqueline est avec ______
Waterfront restaurant in Salisbury, MA (home of octopus)
Brand of a certain pair of black panties
La Senza
Best place in the world for Xmas brunch
Cafe du monde

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