"4 female ghostbusters?" " The feminists are taking over... 'IM an ___- ____ " ADULT VIRGIN
"Can i get a ___ ? " "Can I PLEASE get a ____" WAFFLE
"so you just gonna bring me a ___ gift on my ___ to my __ party on my __ with a__ gift? " "happy ___?" BIRTHDAY
"That was ____" LEGITNESS
"miss ___ ?" "miss ___?' "miss ___." "Oh man f***in' god she f***in' dead" KEISHA
"Brandon, ask me what type of tree this is? " no." "just ask me" ' i-its a ___ tree" CHRISPINE
"heyyy. I wanna be _____" FAMOUS
".....___?" "-DO I LOOK LIKE-" DADDY
"U stoopid." "no i not" "whats 9 + 10? " '___' TWENTY-ONE
"I don't need ____, they disappoint me" FRIENDS
"B***h called me ugly I said bitch where, she said under all that ___, I said b***h ..where??" MAKEUP
"we have a lot of laughs.." 'f**k off janet, Im not going to your f**kin ___" BABYSHOWER
"Hi. My names ___ and you're watching my life crumble into pieces" "da-doii-doiiiiii" FAILURE
"I have ___ depression" CRIPPLING
'IM __" GAY
"GIVE ME YOU ___ MONEY" *law and order DUN DUN* MONEY
"She's drunk asf**k y'all" "IM WASHIN ME AND MY ____ b**ch" 'im washin me and my ____" CLOTHES
"hurry up were gonna be late for school!!" "bruh, chill. I don't know why you're in a big time ___" *UH-UH-UHH* RUSH
"Oh my goi... oh my goi he on ____ mode” X-GAMES
"you ready to f***in DIE ?!?!?" "i-i-imma ___ b***h, you can't kill me" BAD
"what is up __?" "no, what you say dude" "SQUARE UP ___" "STEP DA F**K UP ___" KYLE
*sees rat in walmart* "___" .."is that real" HZZUH
*slides on ice * "Good __" EVENING
"Welcome to Jesus Christ ____, Sir, you are live..'yea, JESUS CHRIST F**KI SU-'" HOTLINE
"Next time you f**kin' put your hands on me I'mma f***in' rip your __ off b***h" "What did he do to you ?" "-cause HE F**kiN PuSHeD mE" FACE
"if your name is ___, and you're really handsome, come on raise your hand!" JUNIOR
"Hi, and this is my impression of ___ when she goes to wash her hands, but the waters too hot" "OoAoO...thank you.' SHAKIRA
"Kim and Collin, run in here and come get yo' juice.." "s***" JUICE
"When will you learn ... WHEN WILL YOU LEARN?" "tHaT Your ___ HaVe COnSeQUencEs!!1!" ACTIONS

Vine Reference Crossword


"Chris, is that a ___ ? im CALLING the POLICE.. *9-1-1*; '911, Whats your emergency?'" WEED
"A ___ flew around my room before you came" POTATO
"____ work ahead ? Uh, yea I sure hope it does.." ROAD
"____ cam, B***h I hope the f**k you do, you'd be a dead son-of-a-b***h, ill tell you that!" SMACK
'BOO' "Ahh. Stopp I coulda dropped my _____" CROISSANT
"Hi! Welcome to ___" CHILIS
"Hurrican Katrina ? More like, Hurricane ____!" TORTILLA
"2 broos, chillin' in hot-tuuub, ___ feet apart cuz they're not ___" FIVE
"Get to Del Taco, they got this new thing called ,_______!" FREESHAVA-CADO
"______, dude!, That hurt like a butt-cheek on a stick!" MOTHERTRUCKER
"___, I'm sorry.. I think your sister might be havin' my second son" LATOCHA
"Nate how are those chicken ___?" "F**K YA CHICKEN _....F**K ya chicken ___!" STRIPS
"Its a ___. thankssss" AVOCADO
"Hey Josh, Im _____" , "I thought you were American? " LESBIAN
'Whats bette than this? Guys bein ___ " DUDES
"___can you read number 23 for the class?" "No I cannot.... What up I'm ___, I'm 19 and I never f#@%in learned how to read." JARED
"I wanna be a ___ baby... I wanna be a ___ baby" COWBOY
"Hey Tara you want some?" "This b***h empty. ___!" YEET
"I spilled lipstick in your _____ bag" "you spilled- whaghwhha- lipstick in my ___ White bag?" VALENTINO
"How'd you get these bumps? ya got ____?" "I got what?" "You got ___?" EGGZMA
"Welcome to Bible Study. We're all children of ___.. Kumbaya my looordd" JESUS
"HoW dO yOu kNoW wHaT's gOoD fOr mE?" "THAT'S MY ___!!!." OPINION
"___ stop...__ stop...You're gonna get in trouble. __" ZACH
"...And they were ___" "Mah God they were ____" ROOMATES
"HAPPY BIRTHDAY ____!" "I can't sweem" RAVEN
"I brought you Frankincense" "Thank you" "I brought you Myrrh" "Thank you" "___" "huh...Judas..no" MUR-DUR
"Sleep? I don't know about sleep..it's ____" "You ain't go to bed?" "Oh she caught me" SUMMERTIME

Vine Reference Crossword Pt.3


"oh yes, wait a minute Mr. _____" "waAaaaee" POSTMAN
"you-are-my____... YOU'RE-My-____. (Boogie-woogie-woogie)" DAD
"Honey, you gOT a BIG ___ cOMin " ".." "*snaps* STORM
"On all levels except physical, I am a ___" *dog bark* WOLF
"Oh sorry, I fell asleep while I was waiting on you to mAkE mE a_____' "Go back to sleep. AND starve!!!' SANDWICH
"Marlene, your ___ was so good." " OMg-LIKE-I-DIDN'T-EVEN-TRY-LIKE-IT-WAS-SO IMPROV-" "OHMYGOD why can't you accept the freakin complimeee-nt" SPEECH
"....LOOK AT THIS ____" "....' GRAPH
"I AM CONFUSIoN, why is DIS one ___ and dis one not ARKANsaS.. AMERICA EXPLAIIN" "EXPLAiN wHaT u MeAn aRkanSaSS?' KANSAS
"Hi. Im Renata Bliss, and I'll be your freestyle ____teacher" *dance break* DANCE
"ohMygod, is that Corbin Bleu from ___?" JUMPIN
'Today, I will be playing ___ Symphony #40 in G-Minor.. *H-UuH* .."oh my god" MOZART
"Gimme' that ___ ".. " GIMME tHaT ___ " *sips* COFFEE
*chugs beer* "____ MICHAEL!!!11! I'm gonna beat your a**" ADRIAN
"I can't sleep... because of that __" VIDEO
"uH, you can't sit with us1!!1" "Actually, Megan, I can't sit anywhere, I HAVE ____" HEMORRHOIDS
"The signs appear you have cancer." "WOAH, I hAvE cAnCer? " "woah, i interrupt ____ ?" "YEs." PEOPLE
"How do you keep your pants on while onstage, its incredible"...."...." "___" BELT
'Look.. theres frickin ___" "I love Halloween" BATS
I'm the ___guardian, guardian of the ___,POSEIDON QUIVERS BEFORE HIM" SAND
'This is how I enter my ___.." "WHATS UP F***RS," "How'd you get my phone? " "F**K YOU THATS WHY" HOUSE
"...hi!'" "__.' OK
" Hey, thanks for checking back in w/ me.. Im Still a Piece of ___" GARBAGE
"I thought you were __, turns out you're just fam'.. "Bruh!" BAE
Stop saying I look like Chicken Little, he's a ___ and I AM NOT A ___" COWARD
"oh, hey I was falling asleep waiting on you to make me a sandwich.." "GO BACK To SLeeP, and ___" STARVE

Guess That Song! Crossword


Violet Precipitation Purple Rain
You've got a body built for the beach. You got that ocean Waves
You can bet that never gotta sweat that Sure Thing
Uh-oh , dancin' past the point of no return; let go, we can free ourselves of all we've learned Magnets
Only one at a time; so precious, is yours, is mine. Am I Wrong
I'm looking at you, don't like what I see, You need to touch ground til you're level with me Superego
Shoot'em Up shoot em down, jus- jus- just sh- sh- shoot' em The Thrill
Sweet dreams turn into (blank) in the morning Coffee
Tonight I'm going to party like its (blank) Nineteen Ninety Nine
Am I freak for getting down? Queen
This is a (blank) (blank), you better know what you're fighting for Cold War
I feel we're close enough, Could I lock in your love? Latch
Will you take me to (blank) ? I don't think this will last, But you're here in my arms Nirvana
There's someone out there waiting for me; High, mini, fat, skinny, just wait and see Hourglass
My shadow doesn't show in the dark; The night time is inclined to my heart; The emptiness I felt from the start; Will follow me 'till I fall apart Nocturnal
I was making Japanese; And she's watching DVDs; In Oakland, in Oakland Telegraph
I'm chillin', real nigga feeling; Rich kid, asshole: paint me as a villain Sweatpants
And now that's it's over, I'll never be (blank); I couldn't believe, but now I'm so high Sober
I’m in the shadows in the corner of my room; this my new hideaway; this my tomb Maniac
(blank)(blank). Come and make your mind up We Aite
I'm off on a adventure..I'm on my way to Heaven.. Mr Rager
Yes, I've been black but when I come back you'll know, know, know Rehab
Well sometimes I go out by myself; And I look across the water Valerie
Now you, drank up all my liquor, come on What I'm 'posed to do now? Come Down
Said; I'm naked down to my socks Already
The fear of clocks... The fear of time; High as the cost of living I take what I've been given Chronomentrophobia
Caroline! Caroline! See Caroline all the guys would say she's mighty fine Roses
Yeah this one right here goes out to all the baby's mamas, mamas... Ms Jackson
I'm seeing the pain, seeing the pleasure Nobody but you, 'body but me, 'body but us Bodies together Pillow Talk
What if they steal my skateboard? What if they steal my drums? What if they steal my talent? What if they steal my shoes? Alien Clones

Cell organelles Crossword


I am the powerhouse of the cell I create energy just for you, without me you couldn't leave your room mitochondria
i am the superior dictator of the cell, everybody does what I say nucleus
Im as stiff as boards found only in plants, I protect my cell and i say what gets in cell wall
I create your proteins in every way, I'm very small but i get you through the day ribosome
I provide my guy with food but I'm found only in plants, how do i do this, photosynthesis chloroplast
The say I'm choosy on what get let in, you could call me the guard of the dictators palace cell membrane
I'm all the parts of the cell, I'm pretty amazing, without me you would be nothing organelle
I'm the jell-o of the cell, i fill it all up, I'm all over the place in and out cytoplasm
I'm the trash man of the cell, an unfortunate job i have, without me you'd be unhealthy thats important to lysosome
on the outside I'm small but don't get fooled, I make up your life, i live and reproduce cell
I'm an independent cell but i do what i have to do, I'm lacking some things but i manage to get through eukaryote
I've got a little brother, lonely he is, I've got more friends and organelles to prokaryote
Im found in animals larger in plants to, I'm a pretty nice guy, i store things just for you vacuole

Digestive System Diagram Crossword


Identify A in the diagram mouth
Identify B in the diagram esophagus
Identify D in the diagram liver
Identify E in the diagram stomach
Identify F in the diagram gall bladder
Identify G in the diagram pancreas
Identify H in the diagram small intestine
Identify I in the diagram large intestine
Identify J in the diagram rectum
Identify K in the diagram anus
The salivary gland, C, produce what digestive juice? saliva

El alfabeto Crossword


Pronouciation of B be
Pronouciation of D de
How to say F efe
How do you say H hache
How is the letter J pronounced? jota
Pronounce L ele
Say N ene
What is O in spanish? O
Q in spanish. cu
The rr in spanish is pronounced how? erre
How do you say T for team in spanish? te
Is U pronounced as U? yes
How is V pronounced? (Two ways) ve or uve
How is X said? equis
Z is said_____ Zeta
What are the two ways Y is said and spelled? i griega or ye
W is called double ve or _____ doble u
S is said as _____ ese
R is ere, True or false? True
Pronounce P pe
N is said as______ ene
Say M eme
Pronounce K ka
The first letter of the alfabeto A

Alphabet matching Worksheet

Matching Worksheet

A a
B b
C c
D d
E e
F f
G g
H h
I i
J j
K k
L i
M m
N n
O o
P p
Q q
R r
S s
T t
U u
V v
W w
X x
Y y
Z z

Disney Movie Classics Crossword


Cheetahs never prosper zazu
Robin Williams's bluest role genie
______ O'Malley the alley cat thomas
Agrabah's favorite tiger pet rajah
A boy separated from his shadow Peter Pan
Demi Moore voices the streetwise Gypsy girl esmerelda
Sir ____, a hypnotic snake sidekick hiss
Honey, you mean HUNKules hercules
"Look for the bare necessities..." baloo
Disney's third animated movie fantasia
"Come on, you poor unfortunate soul. Go ahead! Make your choice" ursula
A tiny teacup chip
The adopted father of 84 dalmations Pongo
Ariel's father, King ____ Triton
The ___ and the hound Fox
The smartest of the seven Doc
Cinderella's tallest mouse sidekick Jaq
A fiery blue villain voiced by James Woods Hades
Cinderella's roundest mouse sidekick Gus
A very unfitting name for a skunk Flower
"When I was a lad, I ate four dozen eggs every morning to help me get large" Gaston
"Trust me..." Kaa
Prince Ababwa Aladdin
Pirates, and mermaids, and fairies, oh my! Neverland
" Can you paint all the colors of the wind?" Pocahontas
The return of _______ Jafar
Sleeping Beauty's prince Phillip
The Great _____ Detective Mouse
The shiest of the seven Bashful
She impersonates a man to save her father Mulan
He's so handsome, just like his reward posters Robin Hood
The mutt sharing spaghetti with his lady Tramp
Jiminy ______, a companion & conscience Cricket
"Dishonor! Dishonor on your while family! Dishonor on you! Dishonor on your cow!" Mushu
The tales of Jumbo Jr & Timothy Q Mouse dumbo
_______ in wonderland Alice
" I have to grow up tomorrow" Wendy
I just can't wait to be king simba

Preterite vs Imperfect Crossword


My girlfriend and I went to the movie theater last Saturday (ir) fuimos
Carla was a very good student. She would study every day. (estudiar) estudiaba
My brothers were very sick for a few days. (estar) estuvieron
I used to run 2 miles every morning. ((correr) corria
Did you do your chemistry homework? (hacer) hiciste
Drake practiced tennis every morning because he wanted to be a champion. (practicar) practicaba
It rained a lot last week. (llover) llovio
Did y'all get up early on Saturdays when you were little? (levantarse) se levantaban
I decided not to go on vacation because I didn't have enough money. (decidir) decidi
Roberto read 5 books over the summer. (leer) leyo
Susana had to study a lot to pass her honor classes. (tener) tuvo
It was six in the morning when we arrived at the station. (ser) era
What did y'all order for dessert? (pedir) pidieron
Ramon and I used to spend several weeks at the lake cabin every year. (pasar) pasabamos
They would always put on a jacket when morning was cold. (ponerse) se ponian
I couldn't call you last night. My phone died on me. (poder) no pude
You never listened to me. I warned you several times. (escuchar) escuchabas
Maria didn't like to clean her room. (gustar) no le gustaba
I got very good grades in the Spanish class. (sacarse) me saque
We have a lot of fun when we were little. (pasar) pasabamos
Teresa brought several friends to the party. (traer) trajo
Anibal and you didn't stay too long at the meeting. (quedarse) no se quedaron
Why did she want to come to the party? (querer) quiso
The baby would sleep for several hours everyday after lunch. (dormir) dormia
Why didn't they sleep last night? (dormir) durmieron

a - z oil word seaarch Word Search

Word Search

O i l f i t t e r s
P e t r o l e u m j e l l y
Q u i l t s
R u b b I n g a l c o h o l
S h a m p o o
T o o t h p a s t e
Z i p p e r
Y o g a p a n ts
X y l o p h o n e
W h e e l s
V a p o r i z e r s
U p h o l s t e r y
N y l o n r o p e
A s p r i n
B a l l o o n s
C l o t h i n g
D e o d o r a n t
E y e l i n e r
F o u n d a t i o n
G u m
H a i r s p r a y
I b u p r o f e n
J e t f u e l
K e r o s e n e
L i p s t i c k
M o i s t u r i z e r