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Among the Hidden Crossword


Replacing the woods next to his family's farm. New housing
His dad works there often with his two sons. Farm
What does Luke call third children. shadow children
Third children run away from them. population police
Another one of Luke's brothers. Mark
A place Luke sits when he wants to eat. Stairs
A place Luke's mother works. Factory
The food Luke tried to make when his family was not home. Bread
He was never allowed. outside
A place Luke wants to go to make new friends. school
Another third child like Luke. Jen
A family Luke watches everyday. Sports family
For the rally Jen and the other shadow children are meeting. Presidentshouse
Luke reads them when he's bored. books
Author's middle name. peterson
The main character of the book. Luke
Got torn down to build more houses. Forrest
One of Luke's brothers. matthew
Jen's fathers name. george
He always had to stay. hidden

The boy in the striped pajamas Crossword


What was on the other side of the fence? people in striped pajamas
What is the name of the camp? Out-With
Why were there people on the other side of the fence? jews
What was happening to Bruno's memory? fading away
How many floors were in Bruno's new house when he moved in? three
Who helped Bruno when he got hurt and cut himself while playing on the tire swing he made? Pavel
What did Bruno see when he was walking down the other side of the fence? boy
What was Bruno's new friend name? Shmuel
What happened to Shmuel's father? disappeared
Who was the soldier that Bruno didn't like? Lieutenant Kotler
How were the maids to address Bruno's father? Command't
What happened when Pavel accidently crashed the bottle of wine? Lieutenant Kotler got mad
Why was Shmuel in Bruno's house? washing glasses
What was the big news Bruno had to tell Shmuel? moving back
How does Shmuel sit on the ground when he meets Bruno? cross legged
What did Bruno see outside of his window jews
What did both Bruno and Shmuel think about Lieutenant Kotler scary
How many floors were in Bruno's old house back in Berlin? five
What does Bruno bring to Shmuel when he meets him? food
Why did Bruno move away from Berlin? father's job
What did Bruno call her sister? hopeless case

Number the Stars Crossword


ten year old girl from Copenhagen, Denmark Annemarie
Annemarie's best friend Ellen
Annemarie's five year old sister Kirsti
Ellen mother and good friends with Mrs. Johansen Mrs. Rosen
Annemarie and Kirsti's mother Mrs. Johansen
Annemarie's older sister; she died in a car crash Lise
Lise's fun-loving fiance Peter
Annemarie and Kirsti's father Mr. Johansen
Annemarie's uncle and Mama's brother Uncle Henrik
the owner of a button and thread shop Mrs. Hirsch
aggressive or hostile; trying to pick a fight belligerent
sad or serious grim
German word for stop halte
arrogant or disdainful haughty
a car for carrying a coffin hearse
The Danish currency Kroner
awkwardly tall and thin lanky
stubborn obstinate
regretful rueful
a star shaped symbol of Jewish identity Star of David
What does Peter bring the girls as a gift? seashells
Who burned down part of Copenhagen? Nazis
How old were Ellen and Annemarie? ten

Nutrition Crossword Puzzle


To include more fruits and veggies in your diet, when would be the ideal meal to eat them during to encourage such a habit? Breakfast
These are great sources of energy in fruits and vegetables. Carbohydrates
Sources of this can be added to fruit and vegetable snacks to make them even more nutritious and delicious Protein
Try different vegetables, because our bodies like ___. Variety
______ are nutrients in food that the body uses to build cell membranes, nerve tissue (like the brain), and hormones. Lipids
The body uses ___ as fuel. Fat
What is a unit of energy that measures how much energy food provides to the body? Calorie
Light (lite) and _______-fat foods may still be high in fat. Reduced
What is the requirement for a food to be labeled light (lite)? Have 50% less fat or _______ fewer calories per serving Onethird
One of the most harmful fats: s_____. Saturated
One of the most harmful fats: t_____. Trans
Trans and saturated fats can cause what? Heartdisease
Unsaturated fats are ____ at room temperature. Liquid
One type of unsaturated fat: p_________. Polyunsaturated
One type of unsaturated fat: m_________. Monounsaturated

coping Skills Crossword


Something you do to get your mind and body active; to stay healthy exercise
Please _________ your name at the top of the paper. write
Your learn how to do this inside the lines on your paper when your are little color
You can write your thoughts in this place journal
You go to the theater to watch this movie
When words come out of your mouth talk
You watch this after you finish your homework and before bed time television
You use your ear buds to listen to music
When you are sleepy in the middle of the day during the summer you take a nap
When your room is messy you need it ________it clean
You can do this with your hands or a machine to make clothes sew
when you sit in a quiet place by yourself to focus on calming down meditate
Some times you do this when you are mad, sad or even happy cry
It takes less muscles in your face to do this; opposite of frown smile
You use your legs to do this walk
You need money to go to the mall and do this activity shopping
You need a book to do this activity read
you go outside and plant a garden
an artist likes to paint
Not your family friends
inhale then exhale breathe
you do this at church, when your are in trouble and just before you eat pray
Beyonce can sing and dance
Sometimes you just need to play a fun board game
You __________ a cake in the oven bake
When someone is crying that you care about you may want to give them a hug

jamestown Crossword


where did was jamestown located? eastern virgina
the name of pocahontas father? Powhatan
how old was pocahontas when she got married? 13 years old
who did pocahontas marry? John Rolfe
who was the creator of jamestown? john smith
what month did pocahontas die? march
what is pocahontas real name? Rebecca Rolfe
what was the new and old natives called? settlers
who was the people who discovered the dead bodies? investagators
where did pocahontas travel? england
who discovered new world? Christopher Columbus
what did they grow? crops
what did they sale? tobacco
who was king of scotland in 1600s? james
where did they grow their crops? farm
who was the first people in jamestown? natives
what season did the starving time start? winter
what did they call the people who plant & grew their crops? servants
what something the natives don't cut? hair
what is something the natives wear? feather head dress

Mindfulness Bingo

Bingo Cards

Do a random act of kindness
Eat a meal mindfully
Smile at a stranger
Try something new
Take a new route home
Try a yoga class
Meditate for 5 minutes
Sit in the sun
Call an old friend
Try a new food
Drive w/the radio off
Smell a flower
Watch the sunrise
Enjoy a sunset
Take a long walk
Listen to the birds sing
Ignore your phone
Sit in silence
Give a compliment
Tell someone thank you
Gaze at the stars
Take 5 deep belly breaths
Start a gratitude journal
Send someone a card


lent Crossword


Easter Season Lent
Special Day Palm Sunday
do not eat fasting
on your knees praying
happy day good friday
dust to dust ash wednesday
sorry for sins repent
hand over passover
holy day sabbath
Type of Religion Catholic
Nailed to the cross cruicify
Jesus' crew disciples
the tree Jesus was nailed to cross
Jesus' mother mary
Jesus was buried in a tomb
last week of Lent holy week
to give up something for something else sacrifice
to stay away from something abstain
jesus' road to crucifixion stations of the cross
color of lent purple

7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens Crossword


What is the oppisite of bad friends? Good friends
When you see yourself in the mirror that is your? Self-Image
People who are mean to others are Bullies
When people can trust you , you are Trust worthy
You earn these at school Grades
A group of people that love you Family
Life has many Ups and downs
Its good to be a Proactive
It is good to think Positive
We all have to Grow up
When we do something bad in life we have a Consequence
We all have good and bad Habits
The oppisite of losing is Winning
When someone is talking, we should Listen
When we grow older , we have to be Responsible

Ancient Greece & Rome Crossword


Absolute ruler that was in power for 6 months dictator
Exhalted one; the best Augustus
Roman Peace Pax Romana
Paid workers to manage affairs of government (tax collection and postal system) civil service
Silver coin used to trade throughout the empire denarius
System for carrying water aqueducts
Slaves that were chosen to fight for their freedom in the Colosseum gladiators
Father of the gods Jupiter
Wife of Zeus that watched over women Juno
Born from the head of Jupiter, godess of wisdom Minerva
Famed stadium where people of both classes watched animal/peeple fights Colosseum
The aristocratic branch of Rome's government senate
First written peice of Roman Law Twelve tables
Large military unit of armed foot soldiers legion
Gorvernment in which citizens have a right to vote republic
"New Athens" Alexandria
Greece's age old enemy Persia
Narrrative poem about heroic deeds Epic
Greatest story teller whom was blind Homer
War fought by Mycenaean's against the city of Troy Trojan War