• You ARE the Father
  • You are NOT the Father
  • “Ho/Whore”
  • “Slut”
  • “Keep your legs closed”
  • “Keep ur dick in ur pants”
  • Runs backstage
  • Falls on the floor crying
  • Jumps around in joy
  • Throws test results in face
  • Gives High fives to audience
  • Throws a chair
  • Slept with the babysitter
  • Boy cheated on girl
  • Girl cheated on boy
  • Fails lie detector
  • Passes lie detector
  • 20 years + age difference
  • Cheated with a family member
  • Cheated with a friend
  • Found underwear
  • Found jewelry
  • Found scratches on their body
  • Found a hicky on their body

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