• "They smell like sex/funny"
  • Cheated on them with a hooker
  • Stoll from them
  • Sold things for $ for sex
  • Someone helped them cheat
  • Friend accused them cheating
  • Family accused them cheating
  • Tested at least 2 + men
  • Cheated with a Co-worker
  • Has an STD
  • secret child/Family
  • Cheated on them with an EX
  • Has been on maury before
  • Wants a divorce
  • Proposes
  • Found text messages
  • Found pictures on phone
  • Addicted to porn
  • Wants to be the father
  • Doesn't want to be the father
  • Momma's Boy
  • They scream at the srceen
  • compares side by side photos
  • "I'am 100% sure"

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