The view that God created the universe but is not now directly involved in it.
God is self-existent and is not dependent upon anything for His existence.
A sacrifice that bears God’s wrath to the end and in so doing changes God’s wrath toward us into favour.
God is unchangeable and thus unchanging.
The view of the atonement that holds that Christ in his death bore the just penalty of God for our sins, and did so as a substitute for us.
Penal Substitution
the belief that the human soul and spirit are propagated by natural generation, and for this reason man receives a sinful soul and spirit because his parents are sinful.
An instantaneous legal act of God in which he (1) thinks of our sins as forgiven and Christ’s righteousness as belonging to us, and (2) declares us to be righteous in his sight.
The study of principles of biblical interpretation.
A progressive work of God and man that makes us more and more free from sin and like Christ in our actual lives.
The study of “the last things,” or future events.
The view that there will be no literal thousand-year bodily reign of Christ on earth prior to the final judgment and the eternal state.
Theology dealing with salvation especially as effected by Jesus Christ.
What the whole Bible teaches us today about some particular topic.
To think of as belonging to someone and therefore cause it to belong to that person.
the doctrine or science of God and his relations to the universe.
The belief that the Father, Son and Holy Spirit are three distinct gods who are merely closely united in purpose and function.
The belief that the Father, Son and Holy Spirit are not equally divine. That Jesus and the Holy Spirit are less than the Father having been created by him.
the method used by the Holy Spirit to shed divine light upon all seeking men as they look into the Word of God.

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