What do you need to place on a failed PPM'ed part?
Which glass defect is our #1 customer glass return?
What defect is an interruption in the reflective coating?
What is the first step in muscle memory?
What type of chip do we fail no matter the size?
What chip is rounded and can pass as long as it fits other size requirements?
What glass defect is an extra piece of glass between the 2 plates of glass?
What damage has a reflection and is on the 1st surface?
What is a Gentex approved box opener?
What form(s) does a QC need to check at the start of their shift?
What is the amounf of time a blue spot must clear in?
Twenty Seconds
This damage has no reflection because it is on the 2nd or 3rd surface.
Inside damage
If a plastic defect is found on the ____ we reject it.
If bright ____ are visible when a display is turned on we reject it.
____helps us look for any gaps/openings in a mirror.
____ is the discoloration in the plastic.
What tool do we use to measure process variations?
Where can you find all of the 1501 glass specs on the floor?
If there are 2 or more ____ in the eyehole we reject it.
We use the ____ observe distortion and scratches.
What is the amount of time a process variation must darken in?
Seven Seconds
If a scratch does not ____ we reject without a need to measure.

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