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Sewing Crossword

Sewing Crossword

Used to put thread through fabric to create a stitch.
Used to cut fabric
A guide to explain the steps of making the project.
Requires needle and thread
Holds the thread to make the bottom part of the stitch.
Used to make lines on fabric with tracing wheel
Can be used to measure patterns.
Required to make stitches
Used to measure body measurements
Holds fabric together.
How to make a backstitch
Is made when 2 pieces of fabric are sewn together.
Protects your finger when hand sewing.
Removes unwanted stitches.
Used to measure small seams
Used to flatten and press fabric.
Guide to the size of the fabric to be cut.
Used to cut paper and threads.
Helps make the needle go up and down in the machine.

Sewing Machine Parts Word Scramble

Sewing Machine Parts Word Scramble
Word Scramble

stitch plate
rear thread guide
bobbin winder guide
spool pin
hand wheel
feed dog
stitch width buttons
needle position buttons
number button
clear delete button
abc buttons
memory buttons
half speed button
thread take up bar
stitch length buttons
memory buttons
seam allowance
seam ripper
basting stitch
stitch selection buttons
thread cutter
bobbin winder on off
feed dog button
stitch information screen
reverse button

Sew with Me Bingo Cards

Sew with Me Bingo Cards
Bingo Cards

Rotary Cutter
Tape measure
Hem gauge
Seam Ripper
Sewing Machine
Point Turner
Pin Cushion
Ironing Board
Marking Pencil
Cutting Mat


Sewing Equipment Review Crossword

Sewing Equipment Review Crossword

Corrects mistakes in seams
Presses fabric
Sturdy surface for ironing
Measures hems and seams
Holds fabric together temporarily
Used for pressing curved seams
Protects fabric while ironing
Curved handles that allow the fabric to lay flat while cutting
Finishes raw edges on seams
Transfers markings onto fabric
Body measurements
Safe place to store pins
Transfers markings from pattern onto fabric
Protects finger while handsewing
Sharpens pins

Sewing Terms Crossword Puzzle

Sewing Terms Crossword Puzzle

It holds the fabric in place where the needle is stitching the fabric on at sewing machine (2 words)
It protects your finger as you sew by hand. It can be used to push the needle through the fabric.
This type of stitching is temporary to hold fabric in place and then pulled out later in the project
This is threaded and used to sew fabric together
An iron is used to do this. Steam can be used. The iron is held in one place at a time while doing this.
Most thread comes on one of these
These are used to hold fabric together before the fabric goes through the sewing machine.
The finished edge on the bottom of a dress or sleeve.
The "pretty side" of the fabric. The part of the fabric with the design to be shown on the outside of the project.
They are used to cut fabric.
A fabric that covers up the inside seams of a garment or sometimes used in a tote bag.
These help move the fabric through the sewing machine by grabbing the fabric with metal teeth (2 words)
This is used to hold the fabric together in a finished garment or project.
This can be used to open and close a bag or the back of a dress or the fly of pants.
A valuable tool in the sewing room to give a garment a finished look. It is used after sewing the seams together.
A three layered item with stitching through all three layers to hold them together. It can be used as a bed spread.
The line of stitching holding pieces of fabric together for crafts of clothing.
Pressing or ironing is done with this tool. It can get very hot.

Embroidery Word Search puzzle

Embroidery Word Search puzzle
Word Search

business enterprise
skillful designer
embroidery design
lazy daisy stitch
buttonhole stitch
choosing colors
diagonal stitch
bullion stitch
hoop and frame
outline stitch
quality desgn
zigzag stitch
basket weave
throw pillow
loose thread
chain stitch
cross stitch
satin stitch
fern stitch
stem stitch
back stitch
pin cushion
even weave
sewing kit
Aida cloth
two ply

Textiles Crossword

Textiles Crossword

What fibre is your fabric for your boxer shorts?
Cotton is __________ to wear and suitable for summer
Cotton ___________ easily and will require ironing
An advantage of cotton
What line do you follow on the sewing machine to sew a seam?
Name the piece of equipment you use to prevent the edge of fabric from fraying?
What is the stitch length for a straight stitch?
Name the 6th item you need to take to the sewing machine: pin cushion, thread, bobbin, scissors, fabric and _________
Equipment used for pressing a garment
Name the item you use to remove stitching from your sewing
A ________ is 1.5cm.
Used for hand or machine sewing
Used for drawing striaght lines or measuring
Holds fabric together
Used for cutting fabric
A pencil used for marking on fabric
The bottom thread which comes off the small green plastic disk
You place the reel of thread on this to thread the machine



Use it to stitch
to cut things
sharp with a pointed end
you need scissors for this
use these to hold fabric in place
to draw lines
this does the stiching for you
keep your pins safe
to protect your thumb

Sewing Crossword

Sewing  Crossword

What do we use to sharpen a needle?
Where do we store pins?
What do we use to finish raw edges?
What do we use to take body measurements?
What do we use to measure seam allowances?
What do we use to cut fabric?
What do we use to mark darts and notches?
What do we use to protect your fingers while hand sewing?
What do we use to hold fabric pieces together?
What do we use to cut paper?
What do we use to mark patterns onto fabric?
What do we use to remove stitches?
What is reversing the stitch?
What is flatting a fabric using an iron?
What do you do to get a perfect corner?
what is the distance from the edge of the fabric to the stitchline?
What does the guide sheet contain?
What is the straight arrow n a pattern?
What do we use to match garment pieces and seams?
What is the broken line on patterns?

Home Economics Crossword

Home Economics Crossword

I am used for cutting thread fabrics and meterials
I pass through a eye
I stitch material or sometimes fall off a tree
A protecor for your finger
I do all the work for you
I hold your folds in place while u stitch
I will tell u how long or how short somthing is
this temporarily hold things in place,I am sharp
I mark meterails and I can easily be Rubbed off
I am Wound up with thread
I Power up your Sewimg Mechine
Thuis helps me see what im stitchung on the sewing mechine
We sit on this while we are sewing