spealized dog that locates human remains is called a _________ dog.
this type of dog uses a scent article to find a precific person or place
this type of dog uses gases that float to the surface of water released by a human body to find a submerged body
locates drugs by sniffing with its nose
locates explosives useing his/her nose is called a _______ dog.
uses nose to sniff out narcotics is a _________ dog
these dogs sniff out things like kerosine or gasoline or other fire speaders
sniff out people stranded mostlikley after an avalanch or hurricane. sniff out people from underneath ruble.
search and rescue
the left overs or found pieces of an object are the _________
a dog that will sniff out the scent of a personand alert their handler that they found a body
when the dogs are doing their hands on trianing out in the field of work it is called ...
somethings the dogs need alot of and must have a consistancy of this to be able to do long hard jobs
breed of dog first used to be a police dog. most common in todays work also
the short word for a doberman pincher( a strong breed of police dog)
a breed of police dog that is brown and black and is very muscular
another breed of police dog which is a very tall type of dog it is the tallest type of TERRIER
airdale terrier
a teqnique of training for a k9 that involves putting a scent on a few different rags and having the dog find a certain one
a dog needs to hae good ________________ to be patient seeing as they mostlikley wont have a job to do everyday and the dog has to ba certain level of calm otherwise they could be dangerous
the dogs uses his/her sense of ____________ to detect where a body, explsive or a rug might be
a dog gives a specific _______________ pose or noise to their owner to let them know they've found something
the person training and useing the dog for work is called the______________
the _________ on the roof of their mouth is used to taste what the dog is smelling makeing their scent 20x better than a humans
when the trainer uses hand motion instead of a verbal command he is using a ____________command
a ___________ command is when the trainer says a word that the dog reacts to.
an object with a specific scent on tit that gives a dog the thing they are to search for
scent article

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