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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you support foreign languages (e.g. Spanish, French, Japanese)?
Yes, we do support foreign languages that use accented characters, and even some like Japanese that don't use the Latin alphabet. We do not support, however, languages that read right-to-left like Arabic and Hebrew.
Can I print my worksheets?
Yes. WordMint allows you to print both answer keys, where the answers are already filled in, and "student copies," which can be photocopied and distributed.
Can I use the worksheets I create on in a newsletter or another periodical?
Yes. We put no restrictions on the audience to which you may distribute your worksheets. You may use the worksheets you create in a newspaper, magazine, or on a website.
Is there any fee for the use of
To unlock certain features, you will need to pay to "upgrade" your account.
Can I paste my worksheet into a Microsoft Word® document?
Yes. You have the option of exporting your worksheet to a Word document. From there you can edit it (e.g. adjusting the font type and size), or copy-and-paste it into another document (e.g. a newsletter).