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Create custom bingo cards using your vocabulary, and print unmarked copies ready to be completed by your students.

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Print out Copies

WordMint is designed to create printed copies of your bingo cards. Create randomized copies of your cards, ready to be distributed to your students. Also, print out a bingo card answer sheet, so you can call out the answers.

With the click of a button, you can choose to export your bingo card as a PDF document, and your WordMint account will automatically save all of your bingo cards and other templates for easy access later.

Create your Bingo Cards

Customize with Your Vocabulary

You can select custom answers and vocabulary to appear in your bingo card, so no matter what topic you are teaching, you can create a custom bingo card to match. You can enter in your own words or vocabulary, and even foreign languages.

Appropriate for all ages K-12

Your bingo cards can be as simple as single words or small phrases, or as detailed as complex equations. No matter what your students are currently learning about, you can create a bingo card template to reflect their learnings and test their skills.

As your students become familiar with bingo cards and are able to improve their comprehension and cognitive abilities, you can increase the difficulty of your cards to give them new challenges and match their current level.

Bingo cards created on WordMint have been successfully used by teachers from kindergarten through high school, and beyond. They can also be a fun activity for adult learning in higher education and corporate contexts.

Create Even More Puzzles

Take the words and clues you entered, and convert them automatically into additional types of puzzles. You can use your bingo card template in WordMint and create additional puzzles such as crosswords, word searches, matching sheets, and more.

By creating additional types of puzzles and worksheets for your students, you can test their knowledge across different platforms and learning styles, which can be helpful for students learning more complex topics.

With WordMint's easy puzzle and worksheet templates, you will have fresh material for your students every day, without spending hours trying to create them on your own.

Foreign Language Bingo Cards

We fully support foreign languages, even languages that don't use the Roman alphabet. You can create bingo cards in Spanish, French, Japanese, Arabic, and most any other language.

Because bingo requires students to listen and then also read the words on their bingo card, it is an excellent tool for increasing comprehension in foreign language studies. Students are able to work on both their listening and reading, and you can increase the difficulty of the vocabulary over time.

500,000+ Pre-Made Puzzles

If you need something fast, WordMint has you covered! Our library has enough material to get any teacher out of a pinch with over 500,000 pre-made word searches, crossword puzzles, bingo card sets, and matching activities. You can customize, save, print, and download our pre-made word searches to make sure they fit your every need.

To find a bingo card template that fits your needs, simply search your topic or theme in our massive library of pre-made puzzles and templates. Once you've found a template that is right for you, you can edit it even further to add your own words or phrases, or simply save and print!

100,000+ Free Images

Including images into your templates or instructions for students can help students engage with the activity and understand their task at hand. But it can be difficult to easily find images that are free, unlicensed and that fit your theme or topic.

With WordMint,. you don't have to waste time looking for clip art to liven up your puzzles. Instead, we offer over 100,000 images in our database that you can use as part of the instruction or to spruce up your visual presentation. All images are free to use, and are designed with teachers and their needs in mind.

Save as a PDF

Save every puzzle you make with WordMint as a PDF to access it later from any computer. We provide teachers with the flexibility to design highly-customizable sequences of vocabulary-based activities that conveniently fit their needs.

In your WordMint account, all of your templates and puzzles will be saved, so you can always come back to them later and export as a new fill type or print extra copies if you need to.

Why Use a Bingo Card Maker?

Using a bingo card maker is an easy way to create bingo cards that are customizable and unique to your students and your curriculum.

Bingo can be an excellent tool to help students increase their cognitive abilities and practice languages or skills learned in their other classes.

To make bingo cards on your own could be tedious and time consuming, but with WordMint easy to use interface, you don't need to create the template your self, just fill in the online form and WordMint will export your custom bingo card for you.

Why Use WordMint?

WordMint's bingo maker is loved by teachers because they can choose to access thousands of pre-made templates to print off bingo cards quickly and easily. Or, they can create completely custom templates using their own vocabulary.

By exporting their bingo cards into various formats like Word documents or PDFs, teachers find it easy to make their bingo cards printable and shareable with their students. Finally, you have access to excellent customer service and frequent updates that keep your experience running smoothly.

Why is Bingo Good for Students' Learning?

Bingo increases students comprehension because it requires them to both listen and read at the same time. This is especially important when learning new vocabulary or foreign languages as students are engaging with the vocabulary in two different ways.

This improves memory and understanding, and can also be a great social opportunity to break up the day! Because the content is completely custom, you will always be able to match the bingo template to your students, even as they move through their studies and improve.

Engaging Content Leads to Higher Achievement

The WordMint suite of activity generators can offer your classroom unlimited student engagement. Move away from lecture-based delivery and engage the students in self-directed activities like timed word searches, bingo tournaments, and team-based crossword puzzles. You'll find that students of all grade levels and proficiencies look forward to well-constructed activities that promote interaction and responsibility.

And by using multiple different formats to test your students, they can engage with the content in different ways. As some students will prefer some formats over others, by using multiple different quiz and worksheet types, you can give your students many opportunities to increase their comprehension and understanding of your topics.


Here are the most common questions our customer support team receives about the WordMint software.

How much does WordMint cost?

You can use WordMint for free with a limited set of features. The unlocked version of WordMint is $5.99 per month and allows you to create, save, and download an unlimited number of word searches and other puzzles.  

Can I use WordMint to make crossword puzzles?

Yes! WordMint provides a fully-functional crossword puzzle generator. You have complete control over the questions, answers, and complexity of the puzzle. You can even convert between crossword puzzles and bingo cards with just a few clicks. And if you're short on time, we have tens of thousands of pre-made crossword puzzles you can edit to fit your needs.  

What other types of puzzles and games does WordMint offer?

WordMint lets you design bingo cards, word scrambles, matching, and multiple-choice questions. Once you've created an activity, you can convert it into any other format that WordMint supports. Then, with just a few clicks, you can have a series of puzzles and games ready to go for your students.

What languages does WordMint support?

WordMint can support almost any language, even those that do not employ variants of the Latin alphabet. For example, Japanese and Arabic word searches are very popular and a great way to increase word recognition skills for students trying to learn these languages.  

Can I use WordMint to make bingo cards?

Definitely. WordMint provides a comprehensive bingo generator, which you can create using your own custom vocabulary and a variety of foreign languages. If you need a template in a hurry, you can choose on of our thousands of pre-existing templates.

Simply search through our pre-made templates and then edit the template to fit your needs or simply save and print the template as is.

Do you offer pre-made puzzles?

At, we have a library of over 500,000 puzzles, including word searches, crossword puzzles, bingo card sets, word scrambles, and matching. Each activity is fully customizable, allowing you to use all or some of the pre-made puzzles at your discretion.

You also have access to our library of 100,000 images to liven up your creations even further. WordMint answers word search, crossword puzzle, and bingo card needs for every classroom!  

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