Easy Test Grade Calculator

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of the Easy Test Grade Calculator?

The Easy Test Grade Calculator allows you to quickly calculate grades for your students' tests. You enter the total number of questions on the test, and the number of incorrect answers provided by the student. The calculator will then show you the percentage correct and the letter grade.

Are there any shortcuts?

When entering scores on your computer, you can increment the number of incorrect answers using the W key. You can reset the number back to zero using the R key.

Efficiently enter the number of wrong answers for a test you have corrected: count the number of wrong answers, and as you call out each number tap the W key. After you have recorded the final score, tap R to reset.

Does the calculator work on my phone?

Absolutely. Just open this webpage on your phone. The calculator even provides big buttons to help count the incorrect answers.

What if I prefer a table?

After you enter the total number of questions in your test, the calculator will generate a table showing the percentage and letter grade for each quantity of wrong answers.

How does this calculator compare to the Original E-Z Grader?

The Original E-Z Grader is a physical paper product manufactured by The Original E-Z Grader Corp. The WordMint Easy Test Grade Calculator is not affiliated with that company nor their product. Our calculator is a website that does the calculation automatically.

Can you help me automatically correct my tests?

The Easy Test Grade Calculator only helps with determining the percent correct and the letter grade for your test. It does not automatically correct your test. However, WordMint does offer a Bubble Test Sheet Scanner tool that can automatically correct your quizzes and tests using the camera on your phone.

How are letter grades calculated?

A+97% - 100%
A94% - 96%
A-90% - 93%
B+87% - 89%
B84% - 86%
B-80% - 83%
C+77% - 79%
C74% - 76%
C-70% - 73%
D+67% - 69%
D64% - 68%
D-60% - 63%
F0% - 59%