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Scan and grade bubble sheets automatically using your phone. Teachers save hours of time spent correcting tests, quizzes, and exams.

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You specify the correct answers for your multiple choice test using our easy-to-use website. Then use our bubble sheet scanner app to automatically score your students' answer sheets. Simply point your phone or tablet at the test, and it is automatically graded and marked up!

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Better than traditional scanners

Have you used one of those "traditional" bubble sheet tools for test grading? They require you to buy special forms, and you need permission from your school to administer a test.

The printable test answer sheet from WordMint can simply be photocopied. You can do all the scanning and correcting yourself, at home, using the phone or tablet you already own.

Create Even More Puzzles

WordMint also allows you to create a variety of worksheets and hand-outs, giving you fresh assignments every day.

Library of 500,000+ Pre-Made Activities

Sometimes, it's impossible to have everything ready to go on time. WordMint makes it easy to stay on top of things by having over 500,000 pre-made crossword puzzles, bingo card sets, matching activities, and word searches in our extensive library. Take these activities as-is or tweak them to meet the needs of your students.

Free Database with 100,000+ Images

Crossword puzzles don't have to be bland collections of blank boxes. You can use our collection of over 100,000 images to illustrate your crossword puzzles. Use the images as part of the questions or as decorations. Our free images will make your puzzles pop and keep students engaged and on task.

Why is WordMint Better?

The WordMint team is committed to a smooth customer experience. We are constantly updating and improving WordMint’s functionality based on customer feedback. The results speak for themselves. Our intuitive and straightforward interface is the easiest way to save yourself from the tedium of grading and marking tests.

WordMint also offers so much more. You can create custom puzzles and worksheets, and you will have access to our immense library of pre-made materials.


Our customer service team has put together a short FAQ from recent inquiries.

What is WordMint’s pricing structure?

The full version of WordMint is $5.99 per month. It allows you to correct an unlimited number of bubble test sheets. In addition, you will receive full access to our puzzle and worksheet makers, and to our pre-made activity library and image database.

If you want to try out WordMint, there is a free membership that has limited functionality. However, we are confident you will want to upgrade as soon as you experience it!  

Can WordMint also make word searches?

The WordMint word search creator uses the same smooth and intuitive interface that makes WordMint such a joy to use. In addition, you get to fit the words to the exact needs of your class and can decide the difficulty of the puzzle.

Does WordMint make any other types of activities?

Yes. With WordMint, you can make multiple-choice quizzes, matching activities, word scrambles, and bingo cards. On top of that, our software allows you to convert one type of activity to another quickly and efficiently to make a whole series of fun activities that are 100% in line with your current lesson.

What if I need language support that is not English?

WordMint puzzles and activities can support almost any language. For example, Arabic and Chinese characters lend themselves very well to our software, and your students can quickly grow their word and character recognition with WordMint.  

What if I need pre-made puzzles?

We have compiled over 500,000 pre-made crossword puzzles, bingo card sets, matching activities, word searches, and multiple-choice quizzes. In addition, WordMint has a database of over 100,000 images that you can use to customize your activities. You can edit, save, and download any pre-made activities to fit your students' needs.  

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