Communist leader in northern China who led the Japanese invasion of China
Mao Zedong
President of China who fought in the south against the Japanese
A group in South Korea who lost to communism and fled to Taiwan
An island east of China where the nationalists fled
Former name of Taiwan
Imaginary line that divides Korea at 38 degrees north latitude
39th parallel
Korean leader who became president after wwII and led Korea during the Korean War
Democratic people's Republic of Korea
Capital of North Korea
President of the US during the Cold War
Capital of South Korea
Commander of the United Nations and South Korean
Douglas MacArthur
Battle in South Korea
A river between China and North Korea
Yalu River
Leader of the US eighth army
Matthew B Ridgeway
A port on the west coast of Korea
North Korean people's army
Location of the second half of the peace treaty negotiations
People's republic of China (communist China)
Republic of Korea (South Korea)

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