Queen Elizabeth II Crossword

Who is Queen Elizabeth’s husband?
Who is the longet reigning monarch in the world?
What has the queen enjoyed racing and breeding throught her reign?
What year and day was Queen Elizabeth born on?
Queen Elizabeth served as the Head of Nation, Head of State and the...
Which Prime Minister earned the rare honor of hving a flower placed in their button hole by the Queen?
How many charaties and orginizations has Queen Elizabeth ll and the royal family been patron of?
What does the Queen eat for breakfast on a typical day?
An expression of ones patriotism and hope for long life in the monarch in British nations and territories, especially Britian and Canada.
Where does Queen Elizabeth reside in?
How old is the Queen?

The Southern Colonies Crossword

The Southern Colonies Crossword

the year georgia was founded
the state King Charles l and ll were named after
what were the indians of maryland
who was virginia named after
what was a major settlement in virginia
who was the man who created the first town in North Carolina
there was 100,572 what in north carolina
where did theimports of north carolina come from
what was the word that John White found carved on a tree
what was a common relgion in the colonies
how many hurricanes were in south carolina
who was the founder of the georgia colony
what was an important crop in maryland

Absolutism Crossword

Absolutism Crossword

the only one of the Wars of Absolutism that was a true global (world) war, where France and Austria were allied for the first time in history
Spain's powerful navy was defeated in this war by smaller and faster English ships
this war was fought over control of the territory of Silesia and whether or not Maria Theresa could stay on the throne of Austria
as a result of this war, France lost its possessions in North America
the cause of this war was Louis XIV of France trying to put one of his relatives on the throne of Spain; it was ended by the Treaty of Utrecht
one of the causes of this conflict was the help that England was giving pirates who were capturing treasure ships from Spain
this monarch aided the Protestants in the Netherlands in their efforts to break away from the Spanish empire
known as the "Sun King", this monarch left his country almost completely bankrupt because of his wars and excessive spending
this monarch sent his navy to invade England, but most of his ships were destroyed in a storm
this region in northern Europe revolted and became independent of Spain in 1579
Henry IV of France made a declaration that French Protestants could worship freely in most cities, an attempt at religious toleration
Protestants in France were called _____
He had the real power during the reign of Louis XIII in France
the Finance Minister under Louis XIV in France, he believed in the theory of mercantilism and wanted to make France self-sufficient
he ruled Prussia as an absolute ruler, but also allowed religious toleration and made laws less harsh
he tried to make Russia more like the countries of Western Europe, promoting education, women's rights, and building a new seaport for trade
fought between the forces of the king, Charles I, and Parliament over who should have the most power
the leader of Parliament's army in the English Civil War; he ruled England for 10 years when it was a commonwealth
Charles II was asked to come back to England to rule after the period of the Commonwealth, and the monarchy was re-established
because of James I's attempts to bring the Catholic religion back to England, Parliament asked William and Mary (his daughter) to take over as king and queen
the type of government England has today, was established because of the Glorious Revolution

unit 3 vocabulary Crossword

unit 3 vocabulary  Crossword

a king or queen who has unlimited power and seeks to control all aspects of society
the idea the monarchs are God's representatives on earth and are therfore answer able only to God
a 1598 declaration in which the french king henry iv promised that protestants could live in peace in france and could set houses of worship in some french cities
philosophy based on the idea that nothing can be known for certain
a french goverment official appointed by the monarch to collect taxes and administer justile
european conflict over religion, over territory, and for power among ruling families, lasting from 1618 to 1648
a conflict in europe, north america, and india, lasting from 1756 to 1763, in which the forces of britian and russia batled those of austria, france russia, and others
landowning nobles of russia
an adoption of the social, poticial, or economic insitiutions of especially european or american countries
a conflict, lasting from 1642 to 1649, in which purtain supporters of parliament battled supporters of englsih's monarchy
the period of charles II's rule over england, after the collapse of oliver cromuel's goverment
a document requiring that a prisoner be brought before a court or judge so that it can be decided whether his or her imprisonment is legal
a group of advisers or ministers chosen by the head of country to help make goverment decisons

world war 1 Crossword

world war 1 Crossword

the policy of glorifying military power and keeping an army prepared for war.
loyalty to your nation
when a stronger nation takes over a weaker nation
the joining of italy to duel alliance between germany and austria
didn't bind britian to fight with france and russia, almost certainly ensured that britian wouldn't fight against them.
a deadlocke region in france
battle strategy that called for attacking and defeating france in the west and rushing east to fight russia
stretch of battlefield along the german and russian border
miles of dug up parallel trenches to protect from enemy fire
state of deadlocke
countries devoted all their resources to the war effort
people could only buy a small amount of those items that were also needed for war effort
one-sided information designed to persuade
an agreement to stop fighting
the removal or banning of anything that was negative toward the war
materials used in war, especially weapons and ammunition
a series of peace proposals
a compromise made between french, britian, and u.s

Ch. 18 The French Revolution and Napoleon Crossword

Ch. 18 The French Revolution and Napoleon Crossword

also known as old order
social classes of France
This occurs when a government spends more money than it takes in
well-meaning but weak and indecisive king
a financial expert wisely chosen by the king
the legislative body consisting of representatives of the three estates
oath taken by delegates of the National Assembly after they were locked out of the meeting hall
a grim medieval fortress used as a prison
dissenting groups of people
"hero of two worlds"
extravagant queen
a journalist who demanded equal rights for women
nobles, clergy, and others who had fled France during the rebellion
pushed the revolution into more radical action
government ruled by elected representatives instead of a monarch
prosperous bankers, merchants, and manufacturers
middle-class lawyers or intellectuals
the right to vote
a shrewd lawyer who quickly rose to leadership of of the committee of public saftey
a period in time where courts conducted hasty trials
a fast falling blade that was considered more ethical
a popular military leader; known for his short height when truly he was of average height
having great pride in ones country
popular vote by ballot
a code of laws that embodied enlightenment ideas

British Royals Crossword

British Royals Crossword

Birthplace Palace of Richard I
Both wives of John I had this first name
Henry III belonged to this House
Where Henry VI died
His sons are known as the Princes in the Tower
Richard III was part of this House
Mother of Henry VIII
The death of this Prince of Wales made Henry VIII heir
Wife of both Arthur, Prince of Wales & Henry VIII
Fourth Queen Consort of Henry VIII
Wife who finally gave HM King Henry VIII a son
Edward VI named this person as his heir
Nickname given to Mary I
Famous pearl gifted to Mary I by her husband
Cousin killed by order of Elizabeth I
Queen Anne belonged to this House
English Monarch is the head of this Church
Last English Monarch to be born outside of Great Britain
It is believed the mental illness that plagued George III was caused by this blood disease
Her death made Princess Victoria heir
Current London residence of the Monarch
Number of children birthed by Queen Victoria
Blood disease that Queen Victoria's heir introduced to many European Royal families
Title given to Queen Victoria's husband
Name of the longest-serving heir apparent in British history.
He said his son would "ruin himself within 12 months"
Queen Victoria was part of this House until her marriage
Queen Victoria's manager established this House
Son of Edward VII who died within 24 hour of birth
His death made Prince George, Duke of York heir (First & Middle name)
In July 1917 the Royal Family changed their surname to this
George VI died from this disease
Longest reigning British Monarch

British Royal Family Word Search

British Royal Family Word Search
Word Search


Kings of Judah and Israel Crossword

Kings of Judah and Israel Crossword

What did Hezekiah foolishly show the BAbylonians?
How many more years did God give Hezekiah after he prayed to God to spare his life?
What did Hezekiah's servants put on his boil to heal it?
Who came to tell Hezekiah that he was going to die?
Who killed 185,000 of Sennacherib's Assyrian troops?
Where did Hezekiah get the gold and silver from to pay off Sennacherib?
Who cleaned up the temple and restored the Passover in Jerusalem?
How many Judean cities did Sennacharib capture?
What were the descendants of the mixed marriages of Assyrians and Israelites called?
How many years had the Lord been merciful with Israel even though she had been in idolatry, before God allowed them to be captured?
What nation conquered Israel in 722 B.C.?
How many years did the city of Samaria endure the Assyrian siege?
Who was Israel's last king?
How old was Uzziah when he began to reign in Judah?
What disease did God give Uzziah because he presumptuously went into the Temple to perform a service reserved only for the priest?
How many years did Uzziah reign?
What city repented at the preaching of Jonah?
During Jeroboam II's reign, whom did God call to be an evangelist to the nation of Assyria?
What king of Israel did Amaziah challenge to war?
Who was king O Israel when Elisha died?
Who was Joash's godly counselor?
How old was Joash when he began to reign?
Who was the wicked queen who reigned for 6 years in Judah?
Who did Athaliah kill to become queen?
Who is known for his fast chariot driving?
What did Jeroboam II worship?
Who was killed by being thrown out of a tower window?
Who discovered that the Syrians had evacuated their camp around Samaria?
Who made an axe head to swim?
What was the name of Elisha's servant?
Who was the commander in chief ot the Syrian army who had leprosy?
What river did Elisha tell Naaman to dip 7 times in?
What is leprosy a picture of in the Bible?
What is a picture of the Holy Spirit in the Bible?
What animals attacked the teenagers who mocked Elisha?
What did Elisha ask for before he was able to give a message from God to the three kings who had come against the Moabites?
Whom did God choose to be Elijah's successor?
Who was the first man to be taken to heaven without dying?
Who did Jehoshaphat put out in front of the army?
Whose vineyard did Ahab covet?
Who threatened to kill Elijah after he defeated the prophets of Baal?
Who was Ahab's governor?
Who was Ahab's wife?
What brook did Elijah go to during the draught in Israel?

BFG Fun Crossword Puzzle

BFG Fun Crossword Puzzle

What is BFG short for?
Who wrote the BFG?
Where is I from?
Who does I become friends with in the story?
Where does Sophie live?
Which Queen helps Sophie and I stop the other bad Giants?
What does I catch in his net?
How old is Sophie in the book?
How do they stop the Bad Giants from eating people?
Where were the Bad Giants heading for to capture children?
Name one of the Bad Giants.
What was Sophie's favorite thing to do?

State and Local Government Vocab Crossword

State and Local Government Vocab Crossword

The legislative body of the Commonwealth of Virginia.
A legislature with two bodies.
One of two parts in the VGA, the other being the Senate of Virginia.
The upper house of the Virginia General Assembly.
The elected head of a state in the US.
The executive officer of a state who is next in rank to the governer.
The lawyer of the state.
A public authority or governmnet agency responsible for exercising autonomous authority over some area of human activity.
Composed of the most senior appointed officers of the executive branch of a state government.
The highest court in the Commonwealth of Virginia.
The capitol of the Commonwealth of Virginia.
A system of government in which entities such as states or provinces share power with a national government.