Parts Of The Bible Crossword

he was crucified on the cross
his name starts with M
the series of books before jesus was born
the series of books after jesus was born
the mother of god
he separated the ocean for the Israelites
the book when god separates the ocean
he wrote the longest gospel
his name was originally Simson then jesus changed it to...........
what is christmas celebrated for? it is four words
when does lent start. what day
when did lent finish this year. what day
what day is easter celebrated each year
What month is christmas celebrated in.
the first book in the old testament
the first book in the new teatament
the second book in the old testament
the second book in the new teastament

Parts of the Mass Crossword

Parts of the Mass Crossword

examine our conscience for our sins
the moment the bread and wine are turned into the body and blood of Christ
celebratory song giving praise to God
a time of the churches calendar when the Gloria is not sung
read by the priest and is usually from the book of Matthew, Mark ,Luke or John
the part of the mass that is read from the old testament
the part of the mass that is read from the new testament
the priest talks to us about the readings and the gospel
the priest offers us the body and blood of Christ
celebration of the Eucharist
talking and listening to God
the place where the blessed sacraments are kept on the alter
another name for the blessed sacrament
given to us by Jesus "Our Father who art in heaven.."
3 persons in one God

Liturgical Year Crossword

Liturgical Year Crossword

This is what we call the church year
Begins the liturgical year
Starts with the celebration of the birth of the son of God
We remember that Jesus suffered, died, and rose from the dead
means "three days''
Begins on Easter Sunday
Held on the 7th Sunday after Easter
when Jesus rose from the dead
Falls between Summer and Fall
Christmas falls in this season
Lent and Easter falls in this season
Lent begins on this day
First Sunday after Pentecost
this color represents Ordinary Time
This color represents Advent and Lent
These colors represents Christmas and Easter
Making a small sacrifice by not eating during the day to symbolize the sacrifices that Jesus made for us
The feast of Christ the King is celebrated on the last ______ of Ordinary Time
A special day to praise God for giving us his creation
This man is the reason for the seasons

World Religions Crossword

World Religions Crossword

Founder of Christianity
Founder of Buddhism
Founder of Islam
Led Jews out of Egypt in the Exodus
Founder of Judaism
Islamic name for god
Many forms of one god; only polytheistic religion
Ten commandments are the moral and religious code
Q'uran/ Koran
one Islamic holy city
New Testament
Four Noble Truths and Eightfold Path
Holy Book for Christians
Spread Buddhism to Asia
Knowledge that all thoughts and actions result in future consequences
another word for pilgrimage;____ to mecca
Belief there is no supernatural
Worship of nature spirits
Does not worship any god
Belief in one god
Belief in more than one god
Life and teachings of Jesus
Another name for Old Testament
Judaism god
Holy book of Hinduism
Rebirth based upon karma
Where Islam originated
Where HInduism originated and is found now
Where Judaism is found now
Another name for Judaism god
Another holy city of Islam

The Liturgical Year Worksheet

The Liturgical Year Worksheet
Matching Worksheet

The Church has how many seasons?
This season is celebrated in two parts.
This season is the celebration of the birth of the Son of God.
It Begins on Ash Wednesday.
During this season, we rejoice in Jesus' Resurrection and the new life we have in Christ.
During these three days, from Holy Thursday until Easter Sunday we remember the death of Jesus and celebrate his Resurrection.
The Liturgical year begins with what season?
How many books does the Old Testament have?
How many books does the New Testament have?
What are the 5 books of the Old Testament called?
The books of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John are called what?

Chapter 4: The Sacrament Of Confirmation Crossword

Chapter 4: The Sacrament Of Confirmation Crossword

What is the name of the second sacrament?
What is the first sacrament?
What does baptism do?
What sacrament is related to the last supper?
What does the bread and while symbolise?
What is the sacrament of confessing?
Who sacrificed their life for others?
What is the book of Old Testaments and New Testaments called?
What is the jewish feast held 50 days after the passover?
What is Jesus' group of 12 called?
What is used during confirmation?

Lent and Holy Week Crossword

Lent and Holy Week Crossword

How many days are in Lent?
What city was Simon who carried the cross from?
Who ordered Jesus to die on the cross?
Who cut off the soldier's ear in the garden?
On what day does Lent start?
What is the day before Ash Wednesday called?
What day is the Last Supper?
What day was Jesus crucified?
What day starts Holy Week?
On Palm Sunday, what town did Jesus ride into?
Who betrayed Jesus for silver?
Who was released instead of Jesus by Pontius Pilate?
Jesus was stabbed on the cross by what weapon?
Who tempted Jesus in the desert while he was fasting?
How many people were crucified with Jesus?
Priests wash peoples' ______ during Holy Thursday mass.
On Good Friday service, you go up to the front of church and ________ the cross.
What station is when Jesus falls for the first time?
Who denied Jesus three times like Jesus predicted?
What is the color for Lent?

6th Grade Bible Quiz Crossword

6th Grade Bible Quiz Crossword

He portrayed Jesus as the Son of God.
He focused on Jesus fulfilling the Old Testament prophecies
Name for the first four books of the New Testament
This characteristic identifies Jesus as being from God.
He was a physician and focused on Jesus' humanity.
We serve a ____ God: God, the Father, God, the Son, and God, the Holy Spirit
A term that means "The Word became flesh."
He was Barnabas cousin and focused on Jesus serving rather than to be served.
This place is eternal treasure for believers.
Jesus, Others, You (Equation for Biblical Success)

Advent Crossword Puzzle

Advent Crossword Puzzle

What season does the liturgical year begin in?
The Christmas season begins with the…..
The color for Christmas is……..
The color of Advent is……
During the 4 weeks of Advent we prepare to celebrate the……..
When is Jesus born?
At Christmas we celebrate the great……. that each one of us is loved by God
Christmas is a time to……… with thankfulness in our hearts
Every human being is loved by god and has dignity and………
The Advent wreath is a symbol of…….for the coming of Christ
What month does Advent begin in?
On Christmas we celebrate the birth of……..
The color of Christmas [white] is a symbol of……
The vigil mass takes place on………
Advent begins…...Sundays before December 25.
…… the mother of Jesus.
…….is the father of Jesus
On the….of December Jesus was born.
Jesus is the……
…… a sequence of specific seasons and feasts that are celebrated in the liturgy during a year’s time.
On Christmas, we receive gifts, a custom that may have started in remembrance of the….from the East who brought gifts to the infants Jesus.

Religion Unit 1 Review Crossword

Religion Unit 1 Review Crossword

God communicated through human writers who were inspired by _____.
The Evangelist used many _____.
46 Books that centers around God's Covenant with his people.
27 Books that center around Jesus's Paschal Mystery and God's Everlasting Covenant with us.
The new and everlasting covenant and the fulfillment of all God's promises.
The summarized Law of God that is also known as the Decalogue.
Filled with action and is breathless. Gospel of _____.
In Mark's Gospel everything leads up to the _____.
______ declares that Jesus is the Messiah and the Savior.
Passion, Death, Resurrection and Ascension of Jesus Christ.
Signs of God's Work among us.
First Five Books of the Old Testament.
Matthew's Gospel refers back to the _____.
The Gospel of Matthew includes _____ main discourses.
Main Discourse in Matthew's Gospel.
Jesus came to _____ the law, not to abolish it.
Statements that describe people who are truly blessed by God.
Writer of the Gospels meaning "sharer of good news".
Luke's Gospel includes _____ special parables.
Luke started his gospel with the ______.
Chosen witnesses of Jesus's resurrection.
Jesus's sayings that are in John's Gospel meaning Yahweh.
Divided his gospel into two parts: Book of Signs, Book of Glory.
Words or images that point to deeper meanings and help us understand the mystery of God.
Matthew starts his gospel with the _____, or family tree of Jesus.
The Gospel of _____ paints a picture of God's love in our minds.
The Incarnation the mystery in which Jesus becomes fully human only without _____, without losing his divinity.
Besides from his gospel, Luke also wrote the _____.

Galatians Crossword

Galatians Crossword

What Old Testament character is a great example of faith?
What city were Jesus' followers first called Christians?
Who traveled with Paul to Galatia?
Where was Paul headed when Jesus spoke to him?
One of the worldly sins?
One of the sins of attitudes?
Man that walks in the Spirit of Sin?
The spiritual man lives by the?
What does Gospel mean?
One of the sins of the flesh?
Who was the younger half brother?
Who was the older half brother?
Where did Paul and Barnabas meet with the apostles?
What did the leaders send back to Antioch with Paul and Barnabas?
Who wrote the letter to the Galatians.
Who did the apostles remind Paul to teach the Galatians to remember?
Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also ___?
This man walks in the light of God?
What city was Paul born in?
One of the sins against purity?