actions that are intended to convey a belief
symbolic speech
change to the Constitution
legal member of a political unit
member of the Electoral college
Congressional commitee revises a bill in session
ability of the government to exercises power without resorting to violence
act of putting laws into practice
regime in which all power is held by a single person
media distributed via printed material
print media
another term for welfare
public assistance
information and the organization that distribute that information to the public
the house and senate, the leader of the minority party
minority leader
more votes than any other candidate but not a majority
word used to describe a particular government
law passed in 1965 that banned discrimination in vote registration requirements
voting rights act
view that society contains numerous centers of power and many people participate in making decisions for society
legal rule that excludes fr9m trial evidence obtained in an illegal search
exclusionary rule
printing false statement that defame a persons character
war fought primarily between professional armies to achieve specific political objectives without casing widespread destruction
limited war
when not everyone who wants a job can find one

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