To kill A Mockingbird Crossword

Type: Crossword

Having or exhibiting hatred Malevolent
A feeling of shame or humiliation Mortification
The opposite of a permanent stay Sojourn
Described as far away or distant Aloof
Difficult or impossible to understand Unfathomable
To carve or shape Whittle
My soul is as dark as night Morbid
Approached in a harsh manner, assaulted Accosted
A ghost, a figment of the imagination Phantom
To Perfectly understand someone Articulate


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To Kill a Mockingbird Vocab Crossword


distant; unfeeling Aloof
to carve or shape Whittle
gruesome Morbid
difficult to understand Unfathomable
adhered to closely Cleaved
assaulted Accosted
not noticable or prominent inconspicuous
a government in which a single person assumes absolute control Tyranny
a ghost-like figure phantom
a feeling of shame or humiliation Mortification
a short stay Sojourn
unspoken; understood without being expressed Tacit
those who exist/live at the same time Contemporaries
made less severe or burdensome Assuaged
To speak clearly and in distinct syllables Articulate

To Kill a Mockingbird Part One Vocab Crossword


Those who exist Contemporaries
made less severe assuaged
having or exibiting hatred malevolent
humiliation mortification
quarrelsome contentious
unfeeling aloof
gruesome morbid
adhered to closely cleaved
to carve or shape whittle
not noticeable or prominent inconspicuous

To Kil a Mockingbird Crossword


to walk at a slow, leisurely pace. ambled
One who sells medicines apothecary
where you live domiciled
Made less severe or burdensome assuaged
having or exhibiting hatred Malevolent
a feeling of humiliation mortification
religious devotion and reverence to God piety
spotlessly clean and fresh unsullied
irritations and annoyances vexations
heavily indulging in; rolling in wallowing
detestable; unpleasant abominable
pleasant; good-natured amiable
presenting favorable circumstances auspicious
tending to fight; quarrelsome contentious
a special allowance; privilege dispensation
with a willingness to talk, share expansively
inclined to make trouble; unruly fractious
to persist in a purpose, idea, or task persevere
state of calm, peacefulness, serenity tranquility
distant; unfeeling aloof
inclination to perform charitable acts benevolence
condition of being confused bewilderment
a winged, chubby angel cherub
gruesome, gloomy, or dark morbid
under force of necessity; obligated obliged
deviations from the proper course aberrations
approached in a harsh manner; assaulted accosted
given to contemplation or deep thought meditative
to carve or shape whittle
possessing connections, similarities analogous
created an enemy or an antagonist antagonized
to speak clearly and in distinct syllables articulate
those who exist/live at the same time contemporaries
an act of escaping or avoiding evasion
not noticeable or prominent inconspicuous
characterized by cleverness or originality ingenious
causing nausea or upset stomach nauseating
a magnificent, decorated tomb mausoleum
causing aggravation or annoyance provocation
a right or privilege prerogative
not audible; cannot be heard inaudible
strange or unusual qualities peculiarities
a prison for criminals penitentiary
made something last perpetuated

To Kill a Mockingbird Vocabulary Chapters 1-10 Crossword


quietly, tranquilly placidly
lacking definite form or limits nebulous
in a delicate manner, gently gingerly
to make less intense, comforte assuage
noisy and stubbornly defiant obstreperous
a strong feeling of embarrassment mortification
something not easily noticeable inconspicuous
mean and with malice malevolent
distant manner, proud aloof
odd, especially in behaviour eccentric
devoted to religion pious
an act of kindness benevolence
passionately vehemently
showing favouratism predilection
make a judgment arbitrate
favourable, successful auspicious
avoidance evasion
easily irritated or annoyed fractious
an inclination to dispute or disagree cententious
looking down on others as though better than them condescend

Vocabulary: Chapters 1-11 Crossword


To carve or shape wood whittle
one who makes or sells medicines apothecary
hard or unable to understand unfathomable
physically sick or frail feeble
to speak very clear articulate
to cause annoyance or to aggravation provocation
a chubby angel with wings cherub
to be persistent in completing a task persevere
naturally occurring or living in an area indigenous
humiliation or feeling of shame mortification
distant or unfeeling aloof
causing an upset stomach nauseating
creating an enemy or an antagonist antagonized
gruesome or dark morbid
not very noticeable inconspicuous
strength, courage, or superior skill or ability prowess

To Kill a Mockingbird chapter 1-8 Crossword


having fair knowledge of Acquainted
a low continuous indistinct sound Murmur
strong feelings of embarrassment Mortification
very small Diminutive
be envious of or feel annoyance toward Begrudge
Calpurnia's unfairness, meddling, and __ Tyranny
a binding commitment to do or give or refrain from something Assurance
Distant; unfeeling Aloof
Authoritative Magisterial
inhabit or live in Dwell
confusion resulting from failure to understand Bewilderment
being on a very small scale Miniature
the limit beyond which something happens or changes Verge
not able to be completely understood Unfathomable

The Outsiders ch. 1-6 Crossword


careless: without caution reckless
impossible to understand: incomprehensible unfathomable
not inclined to believe: skeptical incredulous
unconcernedly: indifferently: not excited : casually nonchalantly
in a brave, valiant, noble-minded, or chivalrous way gallantly
disinterest: indifference: distant in feeling aloofness
persons of the highest class elite
struck with astonishment and surprise dumbfounded
without stopping: continuing unceasingly
uneasy or fearful about something that might happen apprehensive
bold resistance to authority defiance
regretfully: feeling, showing, or expressing sorrow or pity ruefully
a forewarning: a feeling of anxiety over a future event premonition
begging urgently or piteously imploringly
in a manner that shows irritation or ill-humor by a gloomy silence sullenly
escaped understanding, perception, or appreciation of eluded
of critical importance vital
expressing strong displeasure at something unjust, offensive , or insulting indignant
state of confusion or disorientation bewilderment
a fixed or firm belief convictions
a delay due to fear or uncertainty of the mind hesitation
thwarted: won over: beaten defeated
a fit of uncontrollable laughter or weeping: hysteria hysterics



made less severe or burdensome assuaged
having or exhibiting hatred malevolent
a feeling of shame or humiliation mortification
ghost-like figure phantom
a short stay sojourn
distant; unfeeling aloof
gruesome, gloomy, or dark morbid
unspoken tacit
under force of necessity; obligated obliged
assaulted accosted
clung to cleaved
hard to understand unfathomable
to carve or shape whittle
to speak clearly articulate
not noticeable or prominent inconspicuous

To Kill a Mockingbird Vocabulary Crossword


Not spoiled or made impure. Unsullied
A temporary stay. Sonjourn
A person who prepared and sold medicines and drugs. Apothecary
Indulge in an unrestrained way in. Wallowing
Great embarrassment and shame. Mortification
The state of being annoyed, frustrated, or worried. Vexation
Make less intense. Assuage
Originating or occurring naturally in a particular place; native. Indigenous
Having or showing a wish to do evil to others. Malevolent
The quality of being religious. Piety

To Kill a Mockingbird Chapter One-Vocabulary Crossword


not damaged unsullied
embarassment mortification
vicious; evil malevolent
frustration; anger vexation
self-pitty wallowing
pharmacy apothecary
faced; gone assuaged
devotion; religon piety
innate; natural indigenous
stay; visit sojourn