Billing duties in a pharmacy are usually handled by a __________
With a PPO, patients can pay more to see an __________ provider (3 words)
The code used when the prescriber authorizes the use of a generic, and the patient accepts use of generic; default code in Ohio (code + number)
Type of Medicare that covers hospital expenses for patients who are either 65 or older, permanently disabled, or both
Type of Medicare that covers medical equipment for patients who are either 65 or older, permanently disabled, or both
Medicare Part C is also known as either Medicare Advantage or Medicare Plus _______
Using the wrong DAW code to fill a prescription- whether intentional or accidental- can result in a ________ charge
Covers medical costs for veterans and their families
The FDA has a ________ of all approved prescription and non-prescription drugs
The kind of insurance that covers damages and medical expenses directly related to a workplace injury is called ___________ compensation
Wholesale vendors and software management vendors regularly notify ___________ of price changes and availability
Entering the ___________ incorrctly will result in a "too soon to refill" error on the next refill (2 words)
The high cost of healthcare in the United States is partially caused by high ____________ costs
20 states have their own version of the federal ___________ Act (2 words)
___________ do not fall into one of the usual three tiers on most formularies
The _____________ makes it illegal to make referrals in exchange incentives for services paid for by the US government (2 words)

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