the difference in the x values of two points on a line
the digits used to express the precision of a measurement
significant digits
equations that have a pattern or form a straight line
linear equation
an element or number in a sequence
a list of numbers that often form a pattern
the vertical axis of a system of coordinates
y axis
graph that runs horizontally
x axis
the difference between the lowest and highest value
the point of place where something begins arises or is derived
a pair of elements
ordered pair
the expression under a radical sign
a number line with marks or dots that show frequency
dot plot
the ratio between two corresponding measurements
a rule that defines the nth term
explicit rule
a value that is substituted for the independent variable in a relation or function
a graph made up of unconnected points
an expression that contains a radical sign
radical expression
information gathered from a survey or experiment
a line that divides a coordinate plane into two half planes
boundary line
remaining after the greater part or quantity has gone

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