Breaking down of racial separation
Congress of Racial Equality
A black woman who refused to move to the back of the bus
Rosa Parks
President Eisenhower sends troops to this high school
Little Rock
Rosa didn't move to the back of the bus in
Montgomery Alabama
Four black college students began _____ at lunch
Sit ins
"I have a dream..."
Martin Luther King Jr
The speech delivered to hundreds at the
March on Washington
Black men and women walked fifty-four miles which created the
Bloody Sunday
African American Civil Rights
Who was the first African American to graduate from Little Rock High School?
Ernst Green
In the University of Mississippi _____, the first black man to attend
James Meredith
Emmett Till was from
Who was killed after trying to protect his mother and grandfather?
Jimmie Lee Jackson
Who was chosen to lead the Montgomery Bus Boycott
/Michael Schwerner, James Chaney, and Andrew Goodman's deaths brought
National Attention
Former NAACP worker
Thurgood Marshall
Crime committed because of a persons race, religion, or sex
Hate Crime
Little Rock nine got put into school because of this movement
Activists who rode on a bus that were segregated
Freedom Riders
A committee that included many different Civil rights movements founded by the SCLC
Girl who was expelled before her first class at U of A
Autherine Lucy
Killing someone without giving them a legal trial
Providing equal pay to everyone no matter their race or gender
Pay Equity
Separating certain races from every other race
A racist group
Thinking or believing that one race is better than the rest
Law separating blacks from whites
Jim Crow
The act or practice rather than the category of an individual
Supreme Court saying that schools cannot segregate
Brown v Board

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