changes in energy that happen in chemical reactions and in changes of state
energy transfer due to a difference in temperature
the focus of attention
everything else that is not the focus
takes in heat from the surroundings
endothermic process
gives off heat into the surrroundings
exothermic process
the total heat required in order to increase an object's temperature by 1 degree C
heat capacity
the total heat required to increase the temperature of 1g of the substane 1 degree C
specific heat
measurement for heat flowing in and out of a system for physical and chemical processes
measuring device for the increase or decrease of heat in physical or chemical processes
a system at constant pressure's heat content
in a chemical equation it is the exact enthalpy change
heat of reaction
when completely burning a mole of a substance, it is the heat of the reaction taking place
heat of combustion
the heat absorption of a solid melting at a constant rate
molar heat of fusion
dissolution of a mole that cause enthalpy change
molar heat of solution

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