Imaginary line that the graph approaches but never crosses
Sum of two polynomials
The relationship between two variables
Greatest degree of any term in the polynomial
Degree of polynomial
Initial amount decrease by a percentage
Exponential decay
Simplifying equations by finding the GCF
Given points plotted onto a coordinate plane
A shift in which a figure moves horizontally
Horizontal shift
Equation that uses symbols such as <,>,=
The joining of one variabe from a row and one variable from a column
Joint frequency
Prefix meaning 1000
function represented by a straight line and has an equal set of ordered pairs
Linear function
Average distance from the mean for the numbers in a data set
Mean absolute devation
Any given term In a sequence
Nth term
Where two graphs intersect at the point (0,0)
The u-shaped graph in a quadratic function
Set of numbers divides into three quarters
Solutions to a quadratic equation
Steepness of a line represented by the variable "m"
Sum of three monomials
The slope of a vertical line
Undefined slope
The maximum or minimum of a parabola
Positive numbers including zero , no decimals or fractions
Whole number
X-coordinate where the graph crosses the x-axis
Y-coordinate where the graph crosses the y-axis
Any number raised to the zero power is 1
Zero exponent rule

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