This person is a girl, a twin, and a leader in our classroom
This person got glasses this year and became a GREAT reader!
This is the last person to join our class and the first person to leave
This person is who Mrs. Gilbert calls PEANUT
This person is very pretty and smart. People ALWAYS say her name wrong.
This person is a girl twin and probably the sweetest person you know
This person has a brother in Mrs. Jordan's class
This person left our class and went to Greenwood, but we still have his picture in our class
This person is a quiet sweetie. She has the same number of letters in her name as her brothers and sisters.
This person is a very smart boy. He likes to sit with his feet up in his chair.
This person started playing basketball this year and is Payton's best friend
This person is a boy twin and he LOVES having a play a game with a friend pass
This boy tells Mrs. Gilbert that he loves her almost every day.
This person like to cheer and had a baby brother born this year.
This person is Mrs. Gilbert's number 1 helper!
This person has a very sweet heart. Her name begins with A and ends with E.
This person is a twin and likes to play leggos with Wyatt.
This person leaves our classroom after morning meeting
This person has very nice handwriting and is a boy that starts with J
This person has the longest hair in our class
This person is a pretty and smart girl. She is the quietest person in our class
This girl has lots of freckles and is a great writer!
This person likes to set goals and reach them even though he is the youngest person in our class
This person is the person that Mrs. Gilbert calls Zoom Zoom

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