First still photograph taken
Joseph Plateau and sons introduce the Phenakistoscope
Another illusion toy; the Zoetrope was introduced by William George Horner
Henry Fox Talbot makes an important advancement in photograph production with the introduction of negatives on paper
Important in the development of motion pictures was the invention of intermittent mechanisms
Emile Reynaud introduces the Praxinoscope
Eadweard Muybridge achieves success after five years of trying to capture movement
Etienne Jules Marey, inspired by Muybridge's animal locomotion studies, begins his own experiment to study the flight of birds and other rapid animal movements
Emile Reynaud expands on his praxinoscope and using mirrors and a lantern is about to project drawing on a screen
George Eastman devises a still camera which produces photographs and sensitised paper which he sells using the name Kodak
Etienne Marey builds a box type moving picture camera which uses an intermittent mechanism and strips of paper film
Thomas A Edison, inventor of the electric light bulb and the phonograph decides to design machines for making and showing moving pictures
Reynaud exhibits a much larger version of his praxinoscope
Edison travels to Paris and views Marey's camera which uses flexible film
Edison and Dickson have their Kinetograph camera and kinetoscope viewing box ready for patenting and demonstration
Using his projecting Praxinoscope, Reynaud holds the first public exhibitions of motions pictures
Edison and Dickson build a studio on the grounds of Edison's laboratories in New Jersey
The Lumiere family is the biggest manufacturer of photographic plates in Europe
During this year Woodville Latham and his sons Otway and Gray began working on their own camera and projector
Edison's kinetoscope made its debut in London
Another peepshow device, similar to the kinetoscope arrived in autumn
The first film shot with Cinematographe camera is La Sortie de l'usine Lumiere a Lyon
R.W Paul and his partner Brit Acres had a functional camera which was based partly on Marey's 1888 camera
The Latharns too had a succeeded in creating a camera and a projector and on April 21 18__ they showed one film to reporters.
Atlanta, Georgia was the setting for another partnership
One of the most famous film screenings in history took place on December 28, 18__
Herman Casler and W.K.L Dickson had developed their camera to go with Casler's Mutoscope
R.W Paul continued to improved his camera and invented a projector which began by showing copies of Acres' films from the previous year
After agreeing to back Armat's Vitascope, Raff and Gammon approuched Edison, afraid to offend him, Edison agreed to manufacture the vitascope marketing it as Edison's Vitascope
The American Mutoscope Company became the most popular film company in American
instantaneous changes from one scene ti the next
Indicates the camera moves in on particular portion of a scene
Camera Finds
To indicate the camera moves with a person or object
Camera goes with
To indicate a near 180-degree shift in camera position
reverse angle
to signal a zoom or a dolly back
shot widens
when the entire camera is moved toward or away from the subject
which is an optical version of a dolly, achieves somewhat the same effect
when a lateral move in needed
is normally a shot from the waist up
medium shot
is a short cropped between the shoulders and the belt line
medium close

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