Only former president to serve in Congress (after he was president)
John Quincy Adams
First president born in the U.S.A.
Martin Van Buren
Only bachelor president (not married)
James Buchanan
President who wrote the Massachussetts Constitution in 1780
John Adams
Dred Scott Decision handed down during his administration
James Buchanan
Camp David Accord
Jimmy Carter
Cuban Missile Crisis
John F Kennedy
Credit Mobilier Scandal
US Grant
Authorized the first National Road in Cumberland, Maryland
Thomas Jefferson
Assassinated at the Pan-American Exposition in Buffalo, NY
William McKinley
Lead the combined Allied forces invasion at Normandy, France
Dwight Eisenhower
First president to run for office as a Democrat
Andrew Jackson
Leader of the Democratic-Republican Party
Thomas Jefferson
Convinced by Alexander Hamilton to run for President
George Washington
War of 1812
James Madison
President during Reconstruction
U.S. Grant
Civil War hero and grandson of former President
Benjamin Harrison
Ran as a member of the Progressive Party
Theodore Roosevelt
Stock market crash beginning the Great Depression
Herbert Hoover
Refused to run for re-election because of the Viet Nam War
Lyndon Johnson
Ronald Reagan's Vice President
George H W Bush
Era of Good Feeling
James Monroe
Author of the Monroe Doctrine
John Quncy Adams