Fastest most costliest form of transportation
Primary product moved by pipeline
A form or method of transporting items
Service Characteristic - the ability to service any possible location
Type of carrier who has specific contracts with a limited number of shippers
Warehouses used to store an assortment of products to meet customer requirements
The number of miles of gas pipelines
Most economical form of land transportation
Most frequent mode of transportation
Moves large bulk items using inland waterways
Carrier term used to move less than 15,000 pounds
Exploring the use of drones within 10 miles of DC's - Company
Largest railroad company in US
Service Characteristic - the ability to handle any type of product and/or size of load
Free trade agreement between Mexico, Canada and the US
An indirect tax imposed by the government of a nation on goods imported during international trade
Carriers who own and operate transportation equipment to transport their OWN product
Combining shipments from a number of sources into one larger shipment going to a single location.
MTV Video of the year in 1987
Percentage of airline industry revenue generated by air freight
Mode of transportation used for bulk items and commodity items from Asia to the US
Products involving multiple modes of transportation
The sum of all product and logistics related costs
First private package delivery company in US
Service Characteristic - the variance in the expected delivery time and actual delivery time
Government agency created to strengthen the security of the nation's transportation systems while ensuring the freedom of movement for people and commerce
Carrier type that provide services to the public
Larger than Walmart in the 1980's
Splitting a large shipment into individual orders and arranging for local delivery to customers
A facility where products are received, sorted, sequenced and selected into loads consistent with customer's needs is a _____________________________ point

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