Who is the man of twist and turns?
Who is keeping Odysseus on her island?
What god is angry with Odysseus?
What god wants Odysseus to be let home?
Who did Odysseus blind to make Posiden angry
Who is Odysseus's son?
Who does Athena take the form of?
Who are the people in the castle?
Telemachus thinks that his dad...
How long does Athena say her and Odysseus have been friends?
Where does Athena say to go first?
How long is Telemachus to wait if his father is alive?
One year
Telemachus says the stranger has counsiled him like a father to a....
What does Athena decline in haste?
Whose daughter is Penelope?
What does the song about coming home bring Penelope?
Who does Telemachus say is to blame?
What does Telemachus say he holds the power to?
The House
Telemachus tells his mom to tend to her what?
Who broke the silence?

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