clay that has dried slightly from the plastic stage, can be joined using water, but has become a bit too fragile to bend and shape at lot.
leather hard
Clay that has completely dried out, but has not been fired yet.
bone dry
Clay objects that have been fired one time, turning the clay into glass. At this stage, clay is ready to be stained, painted or glazed.
Clay that has been applied with glaze or underglazes and then fired a second time.
a term that refers to one of several techniques used to build pottery using only the hands and simple tools, rather than using the potter’s wheel.
This technique is a method of shaping clay by inserting the thumb of one hand into a ball of clay and lightly pinching between the thumb and the fingers, while slowly rotating the ball of clay in the palm of the other hand.
pinch pots
a handbuilding technique used to construct ceramic forms by rolling out ropes of clay and joining them together with the fingers and various smoothing tools.
coil pots
a handbuilding of technique used to construct ceramic forms by rolling out a flat “pancake-like” piece of clay which can then be cut into shapes and built into a box.
slab pots
the process of mixing and turning clay to remove air pockets and create uniform consistency in the clay.
a technique used to connect two pieces of clay by scratching into the surfaces of each piece of clay and then applying watered down clay to each piece before pressing the pieces together.
slip and score
to draw or scratch lines into the clay surface, to either connect two pieces of clay or add texture.
a process in which clay is heated to high temperatures in a kiln, which melts the silica sand in the clay and when it cools turns to glass, making the form permanent.
a furnace of refractory clay bricks used to heat pottery or fuse glass.
glass-forming chemicals, usually with coloring compounds added, that is applied in a liquid form to bisqueware clay and fired in a kiln, forming a pleasing coating around the surface of the clay.
Pottery which can not only serve as an art object but can also be used for a purpose, such as bowls, plates, cups.
functional pottery
the usually narrower part that leads from the body of a pot or vase to the mouth.
this is the main part of the pot or vase. It usually the largest part of the pot or vase.
this is the part of the pot or vase that meets or rests on the floor or table.
a decoration technique in which lines are carefully drawn into a clay surface.
process in which material is steadily built up to produce the finished figure
a large container, typically earthenware, glass, or plastic, with a handle and a lip, used for holding and pouring liquids
a pot with a handle, spout, and lid, in which tea is brewed and from which it is poured
a round, deep dish or basin used for food or liquid
a small, bowl-shaped container for drinking from, typically having a handle
a strong, coarse unbleached cloth made from cotton, or a similar yarn, used as a surface for clay handbuilding
a board used as a base for handbuilng and storing clay projects

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