Most important border state
This strategy would prevent supplies from reaching the confederacy
Southerners hoped to break the union blockade with this
Abandoned warship
Who worked tirelessly to keep the border states in the union
Abraham Lincoln
Smaller rivers that flow into a large river
Northern leaders feared the south would use this
Ironclad warship
Where did life change most dramatically during the war?
The south
First woman army soldier
Mary Edwards Walker
What had an impact on America?
The proclamation
Who convinced woman to work as nurses?
Dorothea Dix
What is it called when people are killed or wounded
Became famous for her work with wounded soldiers
Clara Barton
Established a hospital for solders
Sally Tompkins
Who distributed bread and soup to the wounded
What did the North offer to encourage volunteers
Northern money was called what
What did Lincoln interpret to his voters
He's end slavery
Who was the highest ranking officer in the union?
David Farragut
Who's forces put up major resistance
John Hood
Systematic destruction of an entire land
Total war

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