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Judaism, Christianity, and Islam Crossword


a push for Jews to have a homeland is Israel Zionism
Jewish house of worship Synagogue
food that is satisfies Jewish law Kosher
father and founder of Judaism Abraham
religious teacher of Judaism Rabbi
rules of morals that Jews must follow Ten Commandments/covenant
denomination that strictly follows the rules of Torah Orthodox
son of God Christ
Christian house of worship Church
day of worship for Christians Sunday
name of Christian calendar Gregorian
celebrates birth of Jesus Christ Christmas
he made Christianity official religion of Roman Empire Constantine
he made Christianity official religion of Roman Empire Bible
name of God in Islam Allah
founder of Islam Muhammad
believe that most qualified should be leader of Islam Sunnis
believe that Muhammad's nearest relative should be leader of Islam Shiites
celebrates the time that the Qu'ran was revealed to Muhammad Ramadan
declaration of faith, daily prayer, charitable giving, etc. Five Pillars
religious place of worship for Muslims Mosque

Reformation and the Renaissance word search

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Medieval Vocab Puzzle Crossword


An armed warrior Knight
A person of high rank by birth or title Lord
The economic and political system that developed in Europe during the middle ages Feudalism
A large estate including farmlands and villages held by a lord Manor
The belief that god gives a monarch the right to rule Divine right of kings
In feudalism, a person who works the land Peasant
A covering, usually made of metal or leather, worn to protect the body during fighting Armor
The Christian Church headed by the Pope in Rome Roman Catholic Church
A person belonging to a tribe or group that is considered uncivilized Barbarian
The Bishop of Rome, and supreme leader of the Catholic Church Pope
Land granted by a lord to a vassal in exchange for loyalty and service fief
A religion based on the life and teachings of Jesus Christ Christianity
A person who has taken a solemn vow to devote his life to prayer and service in a monastery Monk
A deep wide ditch often filled with water Moat
A ruler, such as a king or queen Monarch

The Protestant and Counter Reformation Crossword Puzzle


a German monk and the creator of the 95 theses Martin Luther
Martin Luther wrote 95 _______ theses
a Jesuit who avidly attacked the Position of Reformers Robert Bellarmine
the people of the religion that the 95 theses was directed to Catholics
a _______ is an opinion against what is generally accepted heresy
the Catholics created the Council of _______ to solve the problem of the Protestant Reformation Trent
the Christian Churches had different groups called ______ sects
the religion that Martin Luther helped create Protestantism
the Catholic Church made ________ to better themselves changes
the Catholic Church stopped the clergy's ________ indulgence
Lutheran and _________ were the 1st Protestant Denominatons and they both had similar beliefs Anglican
the __________ ________ was like the internet of its time Guttenberg Press

Section 1 The Church Crossword


Also known as a “particular” or “local” Church, the regional community of believ-ers, who commonly gather in parishes, under the leadership of a bishop. At times, a diocese is determined not on the basis of geography but on the basis of language or rite Diocese
The Church’s official, public, communal prayer. It is God’s work, in which the People of God par-ticipate. The Church’s most important liturgy is the Eucharist, or the Mass Liturgy
To represent or pre-figure a person before his or her life or an event before it occurs Foreshadow
In general, the line of authority in the Church; more narrowly the Pope and the bishops, as succes-sors of the Apostles, in their authoritative roles as leaders of the Church hierarchy
Refers to receiving the Body and Blood of Christ. In general, your companionship and union with Jesus and other baptized Christians in the Church. This union has its origin and high point in the celebration of the Eucharist. In this sense the deepest vocation of the Church is Communion Communion
The fiftieth day fol-lowing Easter, which commemorates the descent of the Holy Spirit on the early Apostles and disciples. Pentecost
To give life to animate
To make holy; sancti-fication is the process of becoming closer to God and growing in holiness, taking on the righteousness of Jesus Christ with the gift of sanctifying grace sanctify
A prayer form in which one asks God for help and forgiveness Petition
A prayer on behalf of another person or group. intercession
A special gift or grace of the Holy Spirit given to an individual Chris-tian or community, commonly for the benefit and building up of the entire Church charism
The word refers to a person gifted with the charism or graces of the Holy Spirit such as healing, prophecy, and speaking in tongues. Because self-deception is always possible, the charisms claimed by such a per-son must be verified by the Church charismatic
The Church’s living teaching office, which consists of all bishops, in communion with the Pope, the Bishop of Rome. Magisterium
The gift given by the Holy Spirit to the Pope and the bishops in union with him to teach on matters of faith and morals without erro infallibility
Of or relating to the Trinity or the doctrine of the Trinity Trinitarian
The proclamation of the Good News of Jesus Christ through words and witness evangelization
A non-Jewish person. In the Scriptures the Gentiles were the uncircumcised, those who did not honor the God of the Torah. In the New Testament, Saint Paul and other evangelists reached out to the Gentiles, baptizing them into the family of God Gentile
Of or relating to Greek history, culture, or art after Alexander the Great Hellenistic
Speaking, acting, or thinking about God, Jesus Christ, the Virgin Mary, or the saints in a way that is irreverent, mocking, or offensive blasphemy
A person who suffers death because of his or her beliefs. The Church has canon-ized many martyrs as saints. martyr

Sacraments & the Church Year Crossword


The number of Sacraments Seven
The season when we prepare for the birth of Jesus Advent
The season we celebrate Jesus coming into the world Christmas
The season when we get ready for Easter Lent
The feast that celebrates Jesus' Resurrection Easter
Holy Thursday, Good Friday & Easter Holy Triduum
The remaining part of the church year Ordinary Time
The 3 sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation, & the Eucharist Christian Initiation
The first Sacrament that we receive Baptism
We are strengthened in Christ through the Holy Spirit Confirmation
Sharing the Body & Blood of Christ Eucharist
The Sacrament of marriage Matrimony
A man is ordained a Bishop, Priest, or Deacon Holy Orders
When we confess our sins and receive God's forgiveness Penance
A sick person is anointed with oil Anointing of the Sick
He was the one who Baptized Jesus John the Baptist

Chapter 7 Review Crossword


What is the sacrament where your sins committed against God are reconciled with the community of the Church Reconciliation
Who spent many years traveling about Ireland and Scotland preaching the Gospel and establishing monasteries? Saint Columbia
What sacrament do you turn yourself to god? Holy Orders
____________ is were the church developed over time and reformed its practices Catholic Reformation
What is the promise that a priests makes to commit his life to the church Celibacy
How many sacraments of the church were instituted by Jesus and entrusted to the church Seven
What is the rite at which a baptized person affirms Christian belief and is a full member of the church Confirmation
What is the council that initiated a number of reforms and clarifications of church teachings Council of Trent
Who was the bishop of Geneva, Switzerland who felt a call to priesthood? Francis de Sales
Who was the nun who helped reform the monasteries where nuns lived and worked? Teresa of Jesus

Organization of the Church crossword puzzle


share in Christ's role as priest, prophet, and king laity
overseer Bishop
designates Jesus' Body in the Eucharist Body of Christ
Christian communities that are in communion with the Pope Catholic church
Christ believers and have been redeemed Communion of Saints
These Marks are recited at Mass as part of the Nicene Creed Marks of the Church
Passion, death, Resurrection, and Ascension Paschal Mystery
often called the Holy Father Pope
the heart of the Paschal Mystery Resurrection
biblical event following the Resurrection and Ascension of Jesus Pentecost
death and suffering of Jesus Christ the Passion
pastorial and spiritual care is guided by a priest parish
suffers death because of her or his beliefs martyr
list of seven gifts is derived from Isaiah 11: 1-3 Gifts of the Holy Spirit
special gift of the Holy Spirit given to an individual Christian charism
person publicly professes vows of poverty consecrated life
Last Judgement Final Judgement
local Church diocese
official teaching of the church doctrine

The Eucharist Crossword


the conversion of the substance of the Eucharistic elements into the body and blood of Christ at consecration, only the appearances of bread and wine still remaining. Transubstantiation
the central act of divine worship in the Catholic Church, which describes it as "the source and summit of the Christian life". Mass
The symbol of Jesus' body Bread
The Symbol of Jesus' blood Wine
The first mass Last Supper
The Eucharist is a type of ... Sacrament
The Liturgy of the Eucharist begins with the preparation of the ... Gifts
Lord's Supper, represents the greatest expression of God's ......... for His people. Love
The Lord Jesus, on the night before he suffered on the cross, shared one last meal with his ....... Disciples
the table in a Christian church at which the bread and wine are consecrated in communion services. Altar
a fixed or movable dwelling, typically of light construction. Tablenacle
The large cup used at Mass used to hold the wine which becomes the Blood of Christ. Chalice
A saucer-like disk which holds the bread which becomes the Body of Christ. Paten
A long white garment which can be used by all liturgical ministers. It is a reminder of the baptismal garment worn when the new Christian "Put on Christ." Alb
A vessel used to hold the Hosts which will be used for communion. They are also used to reserve the Blessed Sacrament in the tabernacle. Ciborium
The second sequence int he structure of the mass Liturgy Of the word
an elaborate and formal evening meal for many people relating to the Jewish Passover. Paschal banquet
a well-known term in the history of spirituality. It has biblical roots, and became the quest of many saints and spirituals through the centuries. Martyrs, virgins, monks are so-called consecrated persons. Consecration
incapable of being fully explored or understood. Unfathomable
A word describing Jesus' action in the Last Supper Sacrafice
an agreement. Covenant
a statue or structure established to remind people of a person or event. Memorial
The Eucharist gives individuals a ....... to Jesus Christ connection
An organisation that reaches out to those in need St Vincent de paul
The Priest tells everyone to ........ at the end of the mass Go in peace
the teaching or revelation of Christ. Gospel
the regard that something is held to deserve; the importance, worth, or usefulness of something. Values
the vocation or calling of a religious organization, especially a Christian one, to go out into the world and spread its faith. Mission
We are ....... to reach out by the priest Challenged
a mark or character used as a conventional representation of an object, function, or process, e.g. the letter or letters standing for a chemical element or a character in musical notation. Symbol
A white linen cloth on which are placed the vessels containing the bread and wine during Mass which will become the Body and Blood of Christ. Corporal
The stiff, square, white cover that is placed over the paten when it is on the chalice. Pall
A long cloth "scarf." According to the manner in which it worn it is the mark of the Office of the priest or deacon. A priest wears it around the neck, letting it hang down in front. Priest Stole



Where the Blessed Sacrament is kept Tabernacle
Where you sit Serversbench
Who leads the Mass Presider
The Word of God is proclaimed from Ambo
It holds the Blood of Christ Chalice
It holds the Body of Christ Ciborium
It covers the altar Altarcloth
The Sacred vessels are placed on top of this Corporal
Used to clean the vessels during Mass Purificator
Basin where the priest washes his hands Lavabo
Sometimes three times Bells
The part of the Mass where the Priest calls upon the Holy Spirit Epiclesis
When the presider raises up Elevation
The one who carries the Processional Cross Crossbearer
Used on top of the chalice Pall
The Celebrant Host for Sunday Liturgiies is placed on this Paten
The table where the ciboria and chalices are placed before Mass Credence
The vestment that you wear Alb
The symbol of chastity Cincture
Clergy can be priests or deacons
People who are consecrated, set apart to perform various religious rites ordained
One part of the Mass is the Liturgy of the Eucharist
One part of the Mass is the Liturgy of the Word
The proper gesture of respect shown to the altar is a bow
We ___ in front of the tabernacle genuflect
The part of the Mass that explains the Readings Homily
When we bless ourselves with Holy Water, we recall our baptism
The number of sacraments Seven
This Year is the Year of Mercy
The leader of the Church is the pope
The Lector ____ the Word of God proclaims
contains the prescribed prayers, chants, and instructions for the celebration of the Mass romanmissal
Someone preparing to become a priest is a seminarian
United States Conference of Catholic Bishops USCCB
Four weeks of preparation before the celebration of Jesus' birth Advent
Recalling the Nativity of Jesus Christ Christmas
A six week period of penance before Easter Lent
The holiest "Three Days" of the Church's year paschaltriduum
50 Days of Joyful Celebration of the Lord's Resurrection Easter