collects and bends light to focus the image on the sensor
sees the same as your eye sees
normal lens
the screen that shows the images you just shot
best file format for internet screen display
The retina of the eye is reflected by the camera flash
Red eye
Digital single lens reflex camera
The space from the tip of a person's nose to edge of the frame
Nose Room
A device to measure light intensity
Light meter
The uncompressed original file format of a digital camera
From a certain Point Of View
Composition principle that uses lines to lead the viewer to the main point of interest
Leading lines
Used to control the principal amount of light on a subject
Key light
allows the flash to pop up and fire when its needed
auto mode
a subjects eyes would turn red when using a flash if they were this color
lens is most versatile allowing multiple focal lengths
for outdoor portraits with harsh shadows
fill flash
use this if your flash is producing too harsh or flat light
bounce flash
storage devices
memory card
storage devices
flash drive
storage devices
most convenient for taking photos on vacation
Compact camera
Programmed Exposure mode sets the aperture and shutter speed automatically, but not the flash or ISO
P Mode
Uses the camera lens to physically (not digitally) magnify the image.
Optical Zoom
Miniature representations of pictures. Used by photographers on a proof sheet.
When the camera automatically adjusts for lighting and focus with no manual controls
Full Auto Mode
Caused when light reflects off the lens element in the lens barrel
Lens Flare
Too much light hitting the image sensor
Over Exposure
Useful Photoshop tool for working on skin blemishes
Spot Brush
A digital distortion, often square and blocky, usually unintended.
When a digital sample is enlarged to the point that square pixels are noticeable
graph that measures all tones in an image
makes selections in form of a shape
marquee tools
snaps to the highest contrasting edge near your cursor
magnetic lasso
is not a color correction
controls the amount of motion blur in the image
shutter speed
Green AUTO indication is for ____setting
Fully auto